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My parents encouraged me to go to ad school – Now I have a career I love

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The portfolio program is our most intensive copywriting program. The focus of the two-year program is helping you develop a portfolio that showcases your unique creative ability.

You’ll get hands-on experience with real client projects and have over 100 opportunities to study and intern all over the world.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

What’s It Like To Be A Copywriter?

First Hand Accounts of Careers in Copywriting

Dominique Curtis

Copywriter at R/GA

A copywriter’s main job is storytelling. But the way you tell those stories can be different from day to day, especially at a place like R/GA. I can go from writing a manifesto to sell an idea to a client to writing a short musical to developing the voice for a chat bot. These things can happen back to back within one week. Which is what I love about being a writer. Every day there is something new going on. That’s what keeps the job interesting.

– copywriting grad –

“What makes you weird or an odd ball in the rest of the world can actually make you successful in the ad world.”

Tara Lawall is a 2008 copywriting grad and Creative Director at 72andSunny. Before Miami Ad School, Tara attended Temple University. She has worked at great advertising agencies including BBDO, Droga5, BBH and Mother. Her craziest idea that got produced? GPS enabled basketball shoes that allow you to have a Pizza Hut cheese pizza delivered to you wherever you are!

Frank Garcia

Senior Creative at GUT

Together with an AD, a CW comes up with the idea. It all starts by reading the brief and finding a series of interesting nuggets to brainstorm against. Research helps at this stage. Then, when we finally have an idea, the copywriter writes it down, trying to make it as clear as possible, always going back to the brief to make sure we’re paying off to the objective.

Then, you change hats. At this point it’s time to sell it. To do this, copywriters write down the idea in a way that gets the client excited about it, including scripts. And last, but definitely not least, production comes, and we go shoot it, we edit it and put it out on the world. 


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Ready for a new career?

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Portfolio Programs – May 24 
Master’s Degree Programs – April 16