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Graphic Design Master’s Degree

The Degree is Granted by Furman University in Partnership with Miami Ad School.

How to Apply

Portfolio & Master’s Degree

We partnered with Furman University to give you the best of both worlds — a portfolio and master’s degree. You’ll take creative courses and work on live client projects at Miami Ad School. Courses at Furman will provide you with an advanced understanding of communication theory.

You’ll have the credentials, portfolio and network of industry contacts needed to begin your creative career.

Develop a Portfolio and Graduate with a Master’s Degree

Offered in Partnership with Furman University

You may hear that having a master’s degree in not necessary to get a job as a designer. That’s true. Brands want to see an impressive portfolio filled with your creative ideas for systems, products and videos. But with the enormous growth of brands having in-house creative teams that create their own content, having both a portfolio AND a masters degree is a tremendous advantage. Great job, great pay, great future. And there is another advantage. Should you ever want to teach in a college or university you will need a master’s degree.

Student Work

Who is This Program For?

You have a bachelor’s degree. Perhaps in advertising, art, business, international studies or literature. Or maybe accounting or pre-med, something your parents encouraged you to do. But you found out, that’s not you. You always loved ideas and wanted to do creative things.  Sure, you want a masters degree. But in a creative field. So now it’s your time.

This School is Different. The real world is your classroom.
Your portfolio will be directed by Miami Ad School and our university partner will grant the master’s degree. Half of your classes will be taught at the university and half at Miami Ad School. You’ll develop a network of over 100 industry professionals. Your teachers, and weekly speakers and mentors are all from the advertising industry. You’ll get a real-world education and a master’s degree as well. Graduates also receive job placement assistance.

Take Your Life from Beige to CMYK


Start in January, April, July or October



How to Apply


Ready for a new career?

Get the training you need to be a creative leader. Learn from the best. Develop your skills. Become who you’re meant to be.

Application Deadlines

Portfolio Programs – May 24 
Master’s Degree Programs – April 16