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Important Dates & Other Things

Real-World Experience

In the second year of the two-year portfolio programs students have the option to study and intern in agencies and companies in up to four other cities around the world where Miami Ad School has programs. Students continue to develop their portfolio, expand their network of industry contacts and get real-world, global experience. 

Application Deadlines & Program Schedule

Portfolio programs (art direction, copywriting) start four times a year: January, April, July and October. The program lasts for 8 quarters. Each quarter lasts 10 weeks with a break between each quarter. In the second year students can study and intern in other cities.

The strategic planning boot camp lasts 12 weeks and starts twice a year in April and October

The social media strategy boot camp lasts 10 weeks and starts three times a year in April, July and October. 

The application deadline is six weeks prior to the start of classes for all boot camps and programs. Please see our FAQs for application deadlines and the school calendar.

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