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Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial Created By Current Students

Miami Ad School is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials. Every year there is at least one “big game” spot that was touched by a grad but this year, something a little more special is happening. Vapor Zone, an eCigarette and custom blend company, tapped current students to create their Super Bowl XLVIII commercial giving the students an amazing experience, and portfolio piece, before they even graduate.

Many brands turn to Miami Ad School as a resource because of the prevalence of a Millennial mindset. Our students are the target market so they have fresh insight and problem solving techniques and of course, an abundance of creativity. Vapor Zone manufactures, distributes, and markets some of the biggest names of e-cigarettes. The retail stores come equipped with a first-of-its kind customized liquid nicotine “juice bar.” Vapor Zone mixologists serve up personalized mixed e-juice tailored to the request of the vapor. The company came to us because they needed a spot that spoke to 18 – 44 year old males.

And if the gravity of creating a Super Bowl commercial was not enough, the students also had very little time. Within one week, they were expected to concept and pitch the idea to go into production. Miami Ad School is known for over preparing our students and for offering projects and opportunities like this. The agency that brought the assignment to us is owned by a graduate and the production company executing the commercial is owned by a former teacher. The network and ties formed help our students in excelling even before their first day of work. Congratulations to Susana, Nael and Tomas – you can see their commercial aired during the Super Bowl in Miami and directly after on our Facebook page!