Un-Real Reality TV?

Clammers and Tanners Coming to A TV Near You, Not Really

Grad Patrick Regan Creates Real, Fake Advertising

Have you seen a commercial for the new reality television show “Meet The Tanners” and thought to yourself “Where is my remote, I have to DVR this!” only to find out the promo is for a fake, albeit, very real looking show?

The group of commercials making their way across your TV in New York and now everywhere on the internet are all for PBS station Thirteen. The line at the end “The fact you thought this was a real TV show says a lot about the state of TV… Support quality programming” is a clever way to poke fun of the media we consume and push people towards more quality entertainment, and donations. Check out the CNN interview below with the creators Patrick Regan (Miami Ad School Grad 2011) and Ronnie Lee of CHI & Partners. The posters, out this past May, show a few more shows that we may have entertained the idea of DVRing as well. Don’t judge.

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