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From bank VP to award-winning art director.

HOW I FOUND A CAREER I LOVE AT MIAMI AD SCHOOL. At 29, I thought I had life figured out. I was a vice president of an international bank in Panama, my country. I had my music on almost every single radio station. I was living a pretty decent life. While on a trip to […]

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From new student to illustrator and author.

A FIRST QUARTER ASSIGNMENT BROUGHT TO LIFE CHARACTERS FROM ANOTHER WORLD. When you begin your first class at Miami Ad School your goal is to create something that you want to share and add to your portfolio. The Idea Presentation course is the beginning of your creative journey. Superstar instructor, Kim Capron Gonzalez, helps students […]

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Bulgaria to Brooklyn, finding my way to Miami Ad School.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF A CREATIVE NEW WORLD BY FIRST QUARTER ART DIRECTION STUDENT, MARTINA SOLAKOVA. Twelve hour flight. Landed. Queues everywhere. Insane. Immigration authorities. Check. Finally through. Small miracle. A hundred dollars for a taxi. Priceless. Keys to my new apartment. In my country for the cost of rent here I could have a big house, […]

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Week #1 in the Boot Camp for Account Planning

WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY INSTRUCTOR, CHRISTOPHER OWENS, BRAND PLANNING DIRECTOR AT THE RICHARDS GROUP. Christopher Owens (MAS grad 1999), Brand Planning Group Head, and Alicia Fisher Damiano, (MAS grad 2009) Brand Planning Director at The Richards Group in Dallas, flew in last Friday to spend three full, information packed, days with the Account Planning Boot Camp students. Enthusiastic, […]

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Choosing a career path wasn’t easy for me

HERE ARE THREE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT HELPED ME FIND MY WAY For the four years after college I tried five different careers: Premed Student. Clinical Researcher. Marketer. Photographer. Third Grade Teacher. While I was good at all of them, none were right for me. Choosing a career path wasn’t easy for me. It isn’t easy […]

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Confessions of a Creative

IT TOOK ACING A STATISTICS TEST TO MAKE ME REALIZE I WANTED TO BE IN ADVERTISING. On my final exam in statistics, next to the 97% written at the top of the page, my college professor had scrawled in red ball point pen, “See me after class!” I was worried he thought I had cheated. Instead of […]

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What do you do when someone is talking about you?

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT YOU? We partnered with NUVI to build a Social Media Command Center at Miami Ad School. All students that study social media will learn how to conduct real-time social intelligence for brands. NUVI is a platform that shows you who’s talking, what they are saying and where the conversations are happening. […]

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