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Award-Winning Student Work

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An indoor navigation system designed to help blind passengers navigate the subway system
Drinking beer is the best way to brainstorm
Putting a face to brands in need
Art Direction student Jennifer Garcia and Copywriting student Mishal Jagjivan from Miami Ad School - San Francisco, decided to add some color to simple white pages, the result? A silver CLIO award-winning print ad campaign inspired by Mead
Mumbai students make you want to turn off your internet.
A Gaming App Designed for Kids to Save the World
Social Media Campaign that Will Get You a Job!
A fun business card that gives the impression of a syringe pulling blood when pulled out of its jacket urging you to donate blood.
A tongue in cheek campaign for Carmex that features bold colors and vivid images that sets it apart from other chapsticks. We seek to highlight that with such amazing flavors, you will be licking your lips all day.
A Different Way to See the World
Emily Berger, Michael Weisburd, and Heinrich Schnorf, students at Miami Ad School New York found a solution to help kids and teenagers use proper grammar while texting. iCorrect, which uses texting to teach kids and teenagers proper grammar. The students brainstormed the concept during a class and they believe that text messaging is an opportunity to improve literacy and writing.  On average, kids get cell phones at 10-14 years old and they’re sending up to 3,900 texts per month. Texting provides kids with a platform for reading and writing more than ever before, but other factors like text lingo and autocorrect prevent them from learning proper grammar and spelling on their own. As of now, texting isn’t teaching kids good communication habits. iCorrect sets out to change that. Let’s text our way to a better future. Their project is now being featured in advertising and tech publications.
Let's Generate Energy from Typing.