Advertising students at San Jose State University get a Taste of Miami Ad School.

Advertising students at San Jose State University get a Taste of Miami Ad School.

Sessions, beamed live from Miami, offer university students a taste of the projects students at Miami Ad School's locations around the world are immersed in.

The Spartan's first Taste of Miami Ad School was a selection from the course, Voice of Type, presented by Polish designer and Miami Ad School instructor, Monika Pobog-Malinowska. The course is part of the art directioncopywriting and Masters programs at MAS. Monika said, "My session with the students was early in the morning but I didn't need coffee because I was so excited to spend the hour sharing and talking with them about type. Some of the examples I presented were smart, others were funny. I knew the students were looking at fonts in a new way when they actually started laughing at a logotype."

John Delacruz, Assistant Professor at San Jose State University, explained, "The session looked at the key role of typography in conveying a message. Monika presented a range of examples, and showed how type can enhance the voice of any piece of visual communication. The session ended with an assignment challenging students to create an alphabet that tied the letterforms thematically. In two weeks we will see the results. And before the Winter Break we will be bringing the second session in via the magic of technology!"

Other Universities selected to participate in Taste of Miami Ad School include: University Oklahoma and IULM University in Milan, Italy and Vanderbilt. Bob Isherwood, Adjunt Professor at Vanderbilt University, said, "This partnership positions my students for fast-tracked admission into Miami Ad School and a realistic path to a creative career after they graduate Vanderbilt."

With the recommendation from their college professor, students that complete Taste, receive fast-tracked admission to Miami Ad School. To see how to get your school involved in Taste of Miami Ad School contact Mark Smith,

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