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A Valentine’s Day Card for Your Creative Soulmate.

Angela and I came up with the idea for a Valentine’s Day card website for creatives, when we were in our last quarter at Miami Ad School, interning at Y&R NYC. We were working super hard and long hours and didn’t really have a social life. Valentines was coming up and we started joking around that as art directors the only partners we had was our creative one, our copywriters, and that we deserved a Valentine from them. In reality you spend more waking hours with your creative partner than with your significant other. So that’s how we decided to make the cards.

We were two art directors, so we had to multitask. Angela took care of the code and the website design and I wrote the copy. Style wise, we thought that creatives are not sappy partners – being cheesy would be boring. Instead, creatives joke a lot with each other so we based our lines on the relationship/rivalry between art directors and copywriters. We wanted to show some of the love/hate that we have for each other.

Some blogs talked about our project. We’ve had cards shared in more than a 100 countries, which is crazy! We also recently won in the Applied Arts awards show in the student Website Design category.

Send a card to that special art director or copywriter in your life:  LoveYouAdly,

Joaquin Alvarez                                                     Angela Granados