Elia Khalaf Creates “A Sound You Can See”

Elia Khalaf Creates “A Sound You Can See”

New World Symphony Unveils “Heartbreakers” Poster
elia poster

Miami Ad School students participated in the New World Symphony’s “Heartbreakers” poster project as part of their portfolio class and presented their ideas to Michael Linville of Percussion Consort. Elia Khalaf impressed him with a piece that evoked emotions, leaving viewers both elated and defeated.

His concepting for the piece started with the idea of mixing your senses and making a visual that can translate into sound, in his words, “ A sound you can see.” His inspiration stems from his own heartbreak and the ability of music to lift him back up. Elia’s poster features his beautiful and inspiring hand lettering that he’s becoming known for.

Elia describes his vision, "The heart is a machine so I incorporated that idea into a collage of cardio musical instruments. The skull represents hard tragedy and immorality, the roses represent the impermanent beauty of love. The black rays are piano keys from a bird's eye view and the overall feel is a playing card in the game of love."