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A New Course by Facebook

Introducing Mobile Master lab

By Andrew Keller, Global Creative Director of Facebook / Graduate of Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center

I graduated from Miami Ad [email protected] Center in 1996. One of the lessons that has stuck with me over the years since is one I gleaned from the original brochure I received in the mail:

“What will you be doing in two years?” This question resonated with me when I was just starting off in my career, and it still influences the way I make decisions today.

The speed at which consumer behavior changes coupled with the rapid pace at which technology develops means that none of us are doing the same thing week to week, let alone in two year increments. Creatives are increasingly tasked with moving faster, keeping up, creating for new mediums, new formats, new audiences.

It’s hard now to believe that when I graduated, audiences were primarily watching content on TV in their living rooms. Today, that content is absorbed primarily on consumers’ phones, wherever most convenient. This is a massive opportunity for the creative community to master a new kind of storytelling — one that allows us to reach audiences in the manner they’re now accustomed to, on the devices they keep in their pockets and use for their entertainment, among many other things. In order to meet the customer’s demand for exciting, innovative stories on mobile, we need to learn a new set of foundational skills for building compelling content and capturing attention in this relatively new environment.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce a new pilot course—part online, part in-person—that Facebook and Instagram will offer in partnership with Miami Ad School, Mobile Master Lab.

Our goal with this course is to give the next generation of agency professionals – all of you – the skills and confidence to create and share mobile campaigns with the world. The course, which will kick off on April 4, will run for 10 weeks and be open to first year students at Miami Ad School’s Atlanta headquarters. Each class will examine a unique topic that will help you master the mobile canvas and many new platforms such as messaging and Stories. The professionals teaching this cohort are amongst the best and brightest talents at Facebook, each of them with diverse and rich work backgrounds, most of them starting their careers off in a seat like the one you occupy now in school.

We hope to meet many of you in April! Until then, consider: “What will you be doing in two years?”

How to Apply.

Programs start in January, April, July and October.

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