You Could Be A Designer (Sooner Than You Think)

A designer makes the world more human.

Branding, publications, packaging, products—everything from billboards to your Instagram feed—designers do it all. They’re the creative MVPs. And as the world gets more complex, they’ve never been more important.

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Learn By Doing

Designers make a more beautiful, more usable, and more thoughtful world. It’s all about purpose, vision and strategy; form and function. It’s gratifying work…but it takes serious skill to do well. So how do you get good enough to do really incredible work?

You need real-world practice. In our Master’s program, we don’t believe in textbooks or exams. It’s all about exciting creative projects, real-world learning and one-of a kind practical experiences. No matter your level of experience, at MAD you’ll work on real-world projects for brands like Microsoft, Coke, and Burger King. That might be why our students have won 1,000+ industry awards.

Build Your Portfolio

We push our students to explore their creative boundaries, and produce visual communication projects at a professional level. It’s not easy—but it’s worth it. Our students develop a deep and impressive portfolio of work that recruiters (and internationally award juries) love.
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Are mainstream media companies dead in the water? Copywriting student Tanvi Tandon (along with his partners Shashank Hariharan and Rajath Ramamurthy) doesn’t think so. He put together this game-changing campaign to help reimagine the Telegraph for the 21st-century…and won a Clio for his efforts. Watch Video
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Copywriting student Cristina Marquez worked with two Art Directors, Chaeyeong Seo and Junggle Kim, to break open the conversation about the dangers of domestic violence. They won a Future Lion award for this bold campaign. Watch Video
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Spoiler Alert

The MAD Grad duo collectively known as Brave (featuring Art Director Seine Kongruangkit and Copywriter Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo) made a mock campaign for Netflix promoting healthy behavior during the coronavirus outbreak. Wouldn’t you know it—their work went viral around the world. Watch Video
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Power Your Summer

Our all-star copywriting student, Jessica Simmons, worked with Art Director Paola Delgado Cornejo to put together this little piece of innovation for Bacardi. Their work was recognized internationally: they won a Clio in 2019, and were featured in Ads of the World. Watch Video

Get hired

You’ll have access to a network of past graduates who were just like you…and are now taking the world by storm. No wonder our design grads are hired by the most innovative and creative organizations in the world.
Jenny Lam MAD Grad – Design
Senior Vice President, Brand User Experience at Oracle
“The school introduced me to my first ever job in tech (Microsoft). At the time, I didn’t even know that User Experience (UX) design was even a thing. I wouldn’t have survived my first year in the real world without the confidence that I built in the hundreds of hours in rigorous critiques in school.”
Dave Werner MAD Grad – Graphic Design
Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe
“It is crazy to be considered a small part of web design history…it feels like just yesterday I was walking into Hank [‘s office asking permission to make a design portfolio website.”
Adenike O. Akinbisehin MAD Grad – Graphic Design
Senior Creative at The Conscious Creative
“You’re all in this together. You all have your doubts and your fears and insecurities but you also have your talents and your creative ideas. Who better to support you than the people who are going through the same thing you’re going through?””
Ready To Become Who You’re Meant To Be?

Being a Designer means waking up every day to a new creative challenge. At MAD, that fun starts from day 1. We help you build the skills, portfolio, and industry connections you need to find a job you really love. We push our students to excel—and the things they achieve are worth it.

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