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Listen, we know it's not easy to make creatvity your career. If it was, everybody would do it (or at least everyone creative).

That's why it pays to get training and experience with industry professionals—to build your skills, your network, and your creative worldview.

That's what the M.AD Master's program is all about. We help creatives master their talent and sell themselves. And it works.

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LP - Masters: Graphic Design
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Build a Professional Portfolio That Gets You Hired

We push our students to explore their creative boundaries, and produce work at a professional level. It’s not easy—but it’s worth it. Our students develop a deep and impressive portfolio of work that recruiters (and international award juries) love. And most importantly, we help you develop the presentation skills required to sell yourself to the decision-makers who will help you build your career.

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Learn By Doing at M.AD

Your career starts the day you start at M.AD. That's not just a line—it's how we operate.

Here, you'll be challenged. You'll have to work hard. Our standards are high...because the standards of your future employers and clients will be to.

Now here's the good news: it's all fun as hell. Hard work is worth it when you're creating real-world projects (often for real clients) and collaborating with other world-class creatives on a daily basis. Hard work is inspiring when you're doing it under the watchful instruction of current indsutry professionals, who want to see you produce the brilliant output you're capable of.

In a nutshell, M.AD isn't like other schools. And that's a good thing. In fact, it just might be why our students have won 1,000+ industry awards.

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M.AD Grads are Leading the Creative Industry

At M.AD you'll have access to a network of past graduates who were just like you...and are now taking the world by storm. No wonder our copywriting grads are hired by the most innovative and creative organizations in the world.

Jenny LamM.AD Grad
Senior Vice President, Brand User Experience at Oracle

“The school introduced me to my first ever job in tech (Microsoft). At the time, I didn’t even know that User Experience (UX) design was even a thing. I wouldn’t have survived my first year in the real world without the confidence that I built in the hundreds of hours in rigorous critiques in school.”

Dave Werner M.AD Grad
Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe

It is crazy to be considered a small part of web design history...it feels like just yesterday I was walking into Hank ['s office asking permission to make a design portfolio website.

Melanie Rankin M.AD Grad
Junior Designer at Principle

M.AD has taught me that the good things in life are worth the struggle. It has brought me a new sense of confidence in who I am and my capabilities as a creative. I encourage all prospective students to take the leap and give it your all. Who knows…you could end up getting everything you’ve ever wanted!

Ready to Become Who You're Meant to Be?

Being a Designer means waking up every day to a new creative challenge. At M.AD, that fun starts from day 1. We help you build the skills, portfolio, and industry connections you need to find a job you really love. We push our students to excel—and the things they achieve are worth it.

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The Design Master’s Degree

A unique partnership program. Earn a Master's degree from Furman University. Develop a portfolio with M.AD.​​

Meet Our University Partner

The Design Master’s program is a dual enrollment program. You’ll have the best of both worlds taking courses at Miami Ad School and our university partner. At M.AD you’ll create your portfolio and get hands-on experience. At the university you’ll develop your critical thinking skills and business acumen. The university awards the degree.
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How does a Master's program boost your career in design?

Creative skills, a job-getting portfolio, and a Master’s degree. Ad agencies are more interested in your portfolio. Brands are interested in both your portfolio and your degree. Colleges and universities require a master’s degree to hire you as a professor, regardless of your professional experience. You’ll have it all: a portfolio from the School of Ideas, the most award-winning portfolio school in the world, and a Master’s degree from prestigious Furman University.
Dave WernerSenior Experience Design Lead at Adobe
AND a M.AD Design Grad.
"It is crazy to be considered part of web design history...it feels like just yesterday I was walking into Hank's office asking permission to make a design portfolio website."

The Design Master's Curriculum

Design courses at M.AD & Furman University.
Like learning a new language, the best way to learn your trade is through total immersion. The focus of the program is to drive your career forward by offering you world-class experience in social strategy and media communication. And it all happens with an innovative curriculum of courses like these:
  • Ideas First
  • Introduction to Design
  • Typography as Message (Furman University)
  • Symbols, Metaphors, and Content
  • Publications & Editorial Design
  • Strategic Innovation Project / Service Design
  • Design History, Modernism, Criticism & Theory
  • Experiential Design
  • Portfolio Development (Furman University)
  • Argument and Visual Narrative (Furman University)
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

The NoM.AD Experience

Our students get real-world opportunities to work with leading agencies around the world.
This program gives students the opportunity to study and intern internationally. You can even opt to take classes inside an agency…or intern at a leading company in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and other cities around the world. There are dozens of opportunities available to our Design Master’s students. You could work with:

Teachers Who Really Know What They’re Doing

Truly stand-out designers aren’t just masters of the technical…they understand the wider creative process. They know the context of their work, and excel at collaborating with other talented artisans and creatives. So how do you learn those intangible traits that will put you over the top—in addition to the hard skills that will allow you to create digital gold? It helps to have a mentor who’s been there themselves.
Melanie RankinJunior Designer at Principle
AND M.AD Design Grad.
"M.AD taught me that the good things in life are worth the struggle."

Study in Atlanta

Hidden at the end of Bennet Street lies Atlanta’s hidden gem: a revolutionary campus training the next generation of creative innovators. And just wait until you see the inside (it’s more like an agency than a school)…

There is a Maker’s Studio at the school for design students to build their 3D models. Students often have real projects from outside clients, ranging from retail product packaging to experiential space design. And naturally, the school is an important part of the design community. MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta} is partnered with our school. AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) is also closely involved and holds many exhibits at the school. Students develop a huge network of industry contacts.

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How To Apply

The application is as creative as the career.
Four Stages to Apply
Step 1

The application is as creative as the career.

Enter your information and register for your M.AD School of Ideas account.
Step 2

Choose a city, program, and start date

Select the school you are most interested in right now. Should you change your mind later on, you can easily change your application.
Step 3

Follow the process laid out in the application portal

Show us who you are as a creative thinker. Share examples of things you’ve created.. Or do one of our fun creative exercises. Finally, schedule an introductory meeting with your Admissions Advisor.
Step 4

Review and Submit

Make sure all your information is correct, and that you’ve paid your application fee. We’ll get back to you soon!

Application Deadlines

For Furman Applicants (next cohort in June 2022)
•Early Applications due Jan 15
• Regular Applications due April 1

For FIU Applicants (next cohort in January 2022):
• International applications due August 1
• Domestic applications due October 1

Important Program Information

Tuition per term is $8250. $41,250 total for the five-term master’s degree program. Students enrolled in the program may be eligible for financial aid through graduate-level Federal aid programs.
Financial Aid & Scholarships
We work tirelessly to make MAD affordable for students of all backgrounds. For our American students, federal loans generally cover tuition costs. We also offer a variety of scholarships.
International Students
In the past decades, students have come to us from every corner of the world. If you’re worried about getting here, never fear: you’ll likely be able to attend the campus of your choice. Click for more about the visa process.

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  • Exclusive video content
  • Design career facts
  • Average salaries
  • Information on co-ops and internships
  • Example projects for real brands
  • Detailed application process

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