Program runs May 20-31, 2024

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In partnership with Miami Ad School Atlanta & University of South Carolina

Supercharge Your College Adventure in Design, Art Direction, Copywriting, and Photography!

Ready to plunge into an electrifying voyage through the realms of design, art direction, copywriting, and photography? If you’re a college student with a fervor for innovation and visual storytelling, brace yourself for an exclusive opportunity to unleash your creative brilliance.

Ignite Your Creative Journey

Our Miami Ad School/USC Advertising +Design Sprint is the ultimate fusion of creativity, resourcefulness, and mastery.

Partnering with the University of South Carolina, you can earn up to three upper-level elective credits while delving into boundless creative horizons. Immerse yourself in unparalleled guidance at Miami Ad School in Atlanta, Georgia, led by industry professionals and seasoned advertising and design faculty.

Where Design, Advertising, Photography, and Inspiration Converge

Prepare for a thrilling adventure, where you’ll mold captivating ideas every Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. Immerse yourself in interactive, hands-on labs, and experience the excitement of applying your newfound skills as you craft mesmerizing projects for your portfolio. 

This is your golden opportunity to unlock your full creative potential! 

Prepare to Be Astonished! Here's a Glimpse of What Awaits You

Embark on a Journey into the World of Brands

Unveil the secrets of creating truly irresistible design and advertising, and gain profound insights into the role of design, branding, advertising, and consultancies in the creative industry.


Get Hands-On Experience

Exclusive tours of advertising agencies and design firms. Unearth storytelling through design, art direction, copywriting, and photography, capturing the hearts and minds of your audience at every stage of their journey, and bringing your vision to life.

Master the Principles of Design

Learn Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Photography, Storytelling Basics, Typography, Type & Image, Branded Packaging, Advertising Campaigns, Headline Writing, Portfolio Development, Presentation and Deck Skills.

Explore the Intricate Details

Don’t let this exclusive opportunity slip through your fingers! The program fee is $995 for 2 weeks of creative exploration. If you aiming to earn academic credits with University of South Carolina, tuition and relevant fees apply in addition to the program fee.

Worried about accommodations? Relax! Students enrolled in the Advertising +Design Sprint at Miami Ad School Atlanta will have housing options at Georgia Tech or through Airbnb.

Miami Ad School, at 1315 Peachtree Street is where Atlanta’s vibrant heart meets urban education. Our campus, in the heart of Midtown, isn’t just an address—it’s a gateway to the Southeast’s largest concentration of arts and cultural attractions. 

Are you ready to embark
on this life-changing adventure?

The opportunity is yours to create, and we’re eagerly awaiting to welcome you to the Miami Ad School family.

Click below to visit the USC website and apply today, or to book a call with Carolann Robinson, Development and Admissions Officer, Miami Ad School.

Contact: Carolann Robinson, Development and Admissions Officer, Miami Ad School. Call 786-371-7408
USC Contact: Jeffrey William, Advertising Sequence Head, Senior Instructor in Advertising in the College of Information and Communications at University of South Carolina. Email
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