6 High Paying Jobs for Creative People

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When most people hear the term "creative," they think of artists, musicians, actors, and these sorts of high-profile individuals, but in truth, there are many other types of creative people, and as such, there are many other careers available for creatives than just those listed above. So, in this article, we will look at six of the best, highest-paying jobs for creative people; we'll go over what these jobs entail, who they are well suited for, and what they typically pay. 

1. Copywriter      

A copywriter is someone who writes text, usually on the internet, for the purpose of marketing in one way or another. This can be a blog writer, somebody who writes sales copy, or someone who writes social media content for businesses. Copywriters are employed by most companies, regardless of their industry, because everyone needs some kind of content. 

If you enjoy conducting research, writing, proofreading, and editing, then copywriting can be a rewarding career. Generally, to get started as a copywriter, all you'll need is a passion for writing, a good grasp of your native language, and a small portfolio of work that you can show to potential employers. 

The average pay for copywriters can be hard to pin down because the term copywriter encompasses many different jobs. That said, the average salary for a copywriter in the U.S. is approximately $58,658 per year, with some copywriters making well over $250,000 annually. 

2. Art Director 

An art director is a person who oversees the artistic aspects of a project, whether that be in film, theatre, marketing, a publication, or any other media endeavor. To succeed as an art director, you will need to have a good eye for design, a never-ending flow of creativity, and some experience in another creative profession, or many. 

Most art directors were, at one time, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, or otherwise worked in some creative capacity either as a freelancer or for another company. If you are the type of person who enjoys bringing your creative visions to life and collaborating with other creative types, then being an art director may be an exciting and rewarding career for you. 

The average pay for an art director in the U.S. is around $94,220 per year, with the top 25% making about $130,330 annually. That said, art directors who work on large-scale film or theatre productions often earn much more.   

3. Designer

The term designer is a very broad term that encompasses a number of different industries. There are graphic designers, production designers, fashion designers, and so on. But generally speaking, a designer is someone who plans the look and feel of something, whether it be a tangible or intangible object. 

If you are able to imagine things in your mind's eye and then bring that vision to life either on paper, with a computer, or otherwise, then you are already a designer. To succeed as a designer professionally, you should be able to show a portfolio of your work or have a relevant degree in your chosen industry. 

The average pay for a designer in the United States is around $61,448 annually, but again, there are many different types of designers. An entry-level graphic designer might only earn $30K per year when they're just starting out, whereas a high-end fashion designer can earn tens of millions of dollars per year; it really all depends on your industry, skill, and experience. 

4. Photographer/Videographer 

A photographer is someone who uses a camera to capture still images. A videographer uses a camera to capture video. Both of these professions require a similar skillset; namely, you should have a good eye for detail and be able to tell a story with pictures rather than with words. 

So, if you are someone who loves taking photos, who always has your camera ready to record what’s going on, and you enjoy editing your photos and videos to make them the best they can be, then a career as either a photographer or a videographer might be perfect for you.

Both photographers and videographers find work with many different types of companies. From weddings to commercials to corporations, most people need professional photos and/or videos at some point or another. By building a portfolio and creating a website to promote yourself, you’ll be able to find both freelance clients and companies to work for long-term. 

The average salary for a photographer in the U.S. is approximately $42,770 per year, but the best photographers often earn more. On the other hand, videographers earn a bit more on average, with the median salary coming in around $62,115 annually. Both photographers and videographers working for film productions, commercials, or in advertising earn significantly more, often six figures per year. 

5. Strategic Planner 

The strategic planner, sometimes called a strategist, is a key member of any advertising team. The role of a strategic planner is to discover and build creative strategies for an advertising agencies’ clients. Typically, this involves coming up with ideas and a direction for advertising campaigns that are consistent with the clients’ brands. 

If you are someone who can understand and connect with different types of brands, can imagine commercials, billboards, or web banners, and can persuade people with your words and actions, then you would probably do well as a strategic planner for an advertising agency. 

The average salary for a strategic planner with an advertising agency in the United States is approximately $77,093 per year; however, those who work for large-scale advertising agencies generally earn bonuses as well, which can dramatically increase their annual earnings. 

6. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for managing a company’s online presence. Typically, the role involves developing a social media strategy, creating engaging content, and analyzing social marketing performance. Other job functions include creating social accounts on behalf of your company, blogging, and responding to customers and followers on social media. 

If you spend hours each day on social media, know how to grow a fanbase, enjoy producing great content, and love interacting with people online, then a career as a social media manager might be a natural fit for you. 

The average salary for a social media manager in the U.S. is around $71,220 annually. However, like with all of the careers outlined in this article, the most successful social media managers earn substantially more. 


You don't have to be an Oscar-winning actress, a Grammy-nominated musician, or a Pulitzer prize-winning author to enjoy a rewarding career as a creative type. There are plenty of other high-paying jobs for creatives out there, and many creative careers require little more than passion and a great portfolio. 

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