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If you’ve got a creative edge and big dreams, we want you. This is the destination for creative students looking to make a bang. We’ll help you hone your craft, find your niche, and get into your groove.

At M.AD, you’ll work on real projects from day one. With the guidance of working experts, you’ll tackle huge, impossible problems—and learn to conquer them with gusto. 

By the time you leave, you’ll have the skills and experience to make even the grimmest interviewer grin.

  • Work on real projects for top brands.
  • Build a professional network.
  • Get experience around the world.

Why Choose M.AD School?

Jayanta Jenkins
Head of Content Marketing at Disney+
“Going to the school gave me the opportunity to hone my ability and to know if this business would be right for me. I can’t describe how much fun I’ve had.”

Creative Leaders Love M.AD School

From Google, to Molson, to Burger King (and beyond) the brightest minds in the creative world have a soft-spot for the School of Ideas.

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Our Creative Programs

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We designed our program with one aim in mind: helping young creatives build liberating careers. 

In every case, the instructors are current industry professionals, and the curriculum is shaped around those skills that are truly used in the industry.

The only question is: which program will you choose?

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Founder at Majority AND M.AD Copywriting Grad
“The creative industry is fueled by young talent, and nowhere is that talent grown, tested, and polished better than at M.AD”

Next Application Deadline: November 24

Our programs start 4 times a year: in January,
April, July, and October. Applications close a few weeks before. Click below to find out more about our admissions process and take the first step towards your dream career today.

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