The Photography & Video Portfolio Program

A 2-year career accelerator for media makers.

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What does a photographer or videographer do?

The quick answer is just about everything these days. 

Before the internet, the photographer typically specialized in areas such as fashion, documentary, food and beverage, portraiture, sports, news, architectural, landscape, travel, product and advertising. The videographers in early days were more limited and their major areas were training films and news.  With enormous changes in the profession, and new skills needed, new career opportunities have been born.  Produce digital data, color capture, lighting and sound to expand your opportunities.

At M.AD, we understand those changes. Our curriculum isn’t built for 20 years ago—it’s crafted by industry insiders to help you develop the skills that hiring managers are looking for today. You’ll learn digital data production, color capture, lighting, and sound….everything it takes to expand your opportunities. And you’ll learn it all through hands-on experience, working on real projects for real paying clients. The result is a stunning portfolio of professional-grade work that you can use (along with our best-in-class placement programs) to build the career you crave.

Yachin ParhamDirector at Yachin Parham Studios (Miss America, US NAVY, Style Magazine)
“Once I got to the school I started understanding photography to work with clients in that field. I started doing a lot of work with modeling agencies. It was just a perfect opportunity for me.”

The Photography & Video Curriculum at M.AD

What (and how) you’ll be learning.

The internet runs on content. Talented photo and video experts are at the heart of that ecosystem. With enormous changes in the profession, and new skills needed, new career opportunities have been born. Here, you’ll learn the skills to capitalize on that transition.

The school has photo and content-creation studios that replicate what you’ll find in today’s forward-thinking company. You’ll learn techniques to shoot and edit fast—because brands are hungry for your brilliant contributions to their YouTube channels, websites, and Insta feeds. In web design and social media classes you’ll learn skills to help small businesses market themselves using your images. No matter what your client needs you can say, “Yes! I can help you with that”.

To make sure you’re prepared, we offer an innovative curriculum of courses like:


  • Experiments in Digital Photography
  • Video Storytelling
  • Light Stalkers
  • Short Cutz
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Digital Photography in Nature
  • Giants of Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Libations & Gourmet Food
  • Models, Actors, Characters and Their Faces
  • Action!
  • Smartphonography and Social Media
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

Hands On Experience Around The World

The NoM.AD Program

After spending at least one year (4 quarters) in your home location, you can apply for NoM.AD. This program gives students the opportunity to work and learn in up to four more cities around the world. Imagine client meetings in Atlanta, a photoshoot in Tokyo, or a breakthrough brainstorming session in New York. You’ll be working on the front line…and building your worldwide network of professional friends.

Each quarter, we send students a massive list of active opportunities. It’s like a backdoor into the industry. We have partners in cities like:

Teachers Who Really Know What They’re Doing

Photography and Videography aren’t what they used to be. The creative universe is interconnected. The creative teams you work with will want your technical skills…but also to know you can solve problems, work with others, and contribute to the overall project scope.

How can a budding creative foster those talents? By studying and learning from the experience of those who have been there before.

Our teachers have been there before.

Ken PaoFreelance Photographer
“My parents convinced me to pursue a business degree which I’m thankful I did. After graduating, they gave me the chance to give photography a shot. I would not be where I am now without their support!”

Campuses in Florida and Georgia

Each school has a unique charm.

The M.AD School of Ideas represents the best of what America has to offer. The cities we’ve chosen all boast a special blend of people, places, and energy. Just pick your cocktail of choice.

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How To Apply

The application is as creative as the career.
Four Stages to Apply
Step 1

The application is as creative as the career.

Enter your information and register for your M.AD School of Ideas account.
Step 2

Choose a city, program, and start date

Select the school you are most interested in right now. Should you change your mind later on, you can easily change your application.
Step 3

Follow the process laid out in the application portal

Show us who you are as a creative thinker. Share examples of things you’ve created.. Or do one of our fun creative exercises. Finally, schedule an introductory meeting with your Admissions Advisor.
Step 4

Review and Submit

Make sure all your information is correct, and that you’ve paid your application fee. We’ll get back to you soon!

Our Next Cohort is Starting Soon

Program Starts: January 3 | Application Deadline: November 24

Important Program Information


Tuition of $4,850 is due quarterly. It takes eight quarters which is 2 years to complete the art direction program.Total tuition cost for the program is $38,800.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We work tirelessly to make M.AD affordable for students of all backgrounds. For our American students, federal loans can often cover some or all of tuition costs. We also offer a variety of scholarships.

International Students

In the past decades, students have come to us from every corner of the world. If you’re worried about getting here, never fear: you’ll likely be able to attend the campus of your choice. Click for more about the visa process.

Have A Question? Reach Out.

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Our admissions team love to chat with people like you—answering questions, proposing solutions, and making plans for a creative future. An advisor can help you figure out what’s next in your creative adventure. Maybe that means Art Direction at M.AD.

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  • Information on co-ops and internships
  • Example projects for real brands
  • Detailed application process

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