The Copywriting Master’s Degree

A unique partnership program:
Earn a Master's degree from FIU.
Develop a portfolio at Miami Ad School.

Meet Our University Partner

This is a dual enrollment program. You’ll have the best of both worlds taking courses at Miami Ad School and our university partner. At Miami Ad School, you’ll create your portfolio and get hands-on experience. At the university you’ll develop your critical thinking skills and business acumen. The university awards the degree.
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How does a Master's program boost your career in Copywriting?

Copywriters use words to make people smile, think, cry, laugh or learn something.
You’ll write stories as short as a tweet or long as a full-page newspaper ad. Teamed with an art director concept ideas for ad campaigns, radio spots, websites, videos, TV commercials and anything else that can help build a brand.

It’s a passionate, fulfilling career. And when it comes to breaking into that world, there is perhaps no better route than the Master’s degree from MAD. You’ll develop a portfolio with Miami Ad School, the most award-winning portfolio school in the world. And you’ll earn a master’s degree from a prestigious university. On graduation, you’ll leave with everything you need to build a career.

You will take classes at both institutions—Miami Ad School and the corresponding university partner. You will be taught by creatives who work for agencies, brands and studios. They take time off to teach, to give back to the industry they love. And for an aspiring writer, this is the best of all possible times for you. Content creation online is simply exploding. Add the master’s degree from FIU to have a more complete understanding of the theoretical, strategic and research elements in the industry. With all the resources of this highly distinguished university added to your resume, you’ll be a catch in the eyes of any organization you choose.

Tara LawallCreative Direction at 72andSunny
AND Copywriting Grad.
"Every job I’ve ever gotten has been a result of a connection I made at Miami Ad School"

The Copywriting Master's Curriculum

A few of the Master’s courses we offer.
Like learning a new language, the best way to learn your trade is through total immersion. The focus of the program is to drive your career forward by offering you world-class experience in the ol’ copy world. And it all happens with an innovative curriculum of courses like these:
  • Ideas First
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Script Writing
  • Interactive Concepting
  • Gaming Concepts
  • Social Media
  • Type Exploration 
  • The Art of Storytelling – Vision Point I
  • Marketing Strategy – Vision Point II
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

The Nomad Experience

Our copywriting students get real-world opportunities to work with leading agencies around the world.
This program gives students the opportunity to study and intern in up to four more cities around the world. You can even opt to take classes inside an agency…or intern at a leading company in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and other cities around the world. At last count 96% of the students had participated in our Quarter Away Program for at least one quarter. Over 80% of the students spent two or more quarters getting real-world experience. There are dozens of opportunities available to our Copywriting students. You could work with:

Teachers Who Practice What They Preach

A copywriter isn’t just a writer—and they’re not just a marketer either. Their a master storyteller with a gut feel for their audience. They weave thrilling heartfelt narratives out of sometimes mundane material (can a BOGO sale be a story?). And the great ones do more than just write the words—the influence the entire creative campaign.

So how do you learn those intangible traits that will put you over the top—in addition to the hard skills that will allow you to spin brilliant stories? It helps to have a mentor who’s been there themselves.

Brig WhiteFreelance Director (Apple, Adidas, Toyota, Amazon)
"Before Miami Ad School, I was without a plan. I graduated with an English degree and was wondering what I was going to do with it. I liked design, but didn’t know much about it. But other than that, I had no idea what I wanted to do."

What It Takes To Get In

Most of our students have an undergraduate degree, and are from different backgrounds such as economics, theatre, fine arts, advertising and even political science. In fact we find that it helps bring a different perspective to the table. However, all you need to apply to this program is a high school diploma and a positive attitude!

Want to know more about course requirements? Learn more about what you’ll need to become a Strategic Planning Master’s Student in the course brochure.

How To Apply

Four steps to complete your application.
Step 1

Create your account

Enter your information and register for your Miami Ad School account.

Step 2

Choose a city, program, and start date

Select the school you are most interested in right now. Should you change your mind later on, you can easily change your application.
Step 3

Follow the process laid out in the application portal

Show us who you are as a creative thinker. Share examples of things you’ve created.. Or do one of our fun creative exercises. Finally, schedule an introductory meeting with your Admissions Advisor.
Step 4

Review and Submit

Make sure all your information is correct, and that you’ve paid your application fee. We’ll get back to you soon!

Application Deadlines

Next cohort in January 2022:
• International applications due August 1
• Domestic applications due October 1

Important Program Information

Tuition at FIU

Tuition per term is $8250 | $41,250 for the five term master’s degree program.

Students enrolled in the program may be eligible for financial aid through graduate level Federal aid programs.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
We work tirelessly to make MAD affordable for students of all backgrounds. For our American students, federal loans generally cover tuition costs. We also offer a variety of scholarships.
International Students
In the past decades, students have come to us from every corner of the world. If you’re worried about getting here, never fear: you’ll likely be able to attend the campus of your choice. Click for more about the visa process.

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  • Information on co-ops and internships
  • Example projects for real brands
  • Detailed application process

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