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Program starts February 17.


What you should know about being a creative director (but nobody tells you).

1. It’s not just about great creative.

Surely you have a brilliant creative mind. Leading a creative team is about more. As a director, you’ll navigate politics, relationships, business demands, and more. You must inspire, nudge, and lead your team into crafting the brilliant work they’re capable of. And most importantly, you must protect creative people and their ideas.

In this program, you’ll learn to be a well-rounded creative director, in part by learning directly from those who’ve gone before.

2. Collaboration is not compromise.

A creative director works with their team, other departments, and with project stakeholders to maximize outcomes. Here, you’ll learn how industry experts manage their own a-list teams, and how to ensure that every voice in the room is heard. Crucially, you’ll come to understand that collaboration is more than compromise—it’s an art form that demands we listen deeply and encourage those around us. Only then can we produce work that makes the entire team truly proud.

3. It pays to learn from others’ mistakes.

In this program, you’ll hear and learn directly  from experienced directors who’ve been there before. They’ve had the huge successes you aim for…and survived the mistakes you’ll aim to avoid. In these 10 weeks, you’ll have the chance to soak up that wisdom and, with luck, use it to advance your own career.

Who is this program for?

Senior Art Directors.
Senior Copywriters.
GCDs, ACDs and new CDs.

In other words, any working creative who wants to improve their business and leadership skills.

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Our Lead Coach is Helayne Spivak

Former CCO and Executive Director of VCU Brandcenter

Helayne is a ground-breaking, award-winning copywriter who served as Chief Creative Officer of JWT, NY and Y+R, NY and was the first of 2 women named to their all-male Board of Directors. She went on to join Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness as Chief Creative Officer and later stepped down to become Director of VCU Brandcenter, a Master’s Program in Advertising and Marketing.

She then took her passion for mentoring creative talent and joined the Co-Active Training Institute to become a Certified Career/Life Coach.

The Creative Direction Curriculum at M.AD

What (and how) you’ll be learning.

This 10-week online course gives you the skills and case studies you need to lead creative teams of all sizes.

Classes are every Thursday from 6-9 PM EST.

*Note: final list of classes is subject to change*

  • Class 1: Expectations & Needs
    – Setting needs and expectations
    – Scripting and planning
    – Understanding context (general, industry, agency)
    – Biases & stereotypes: How they impact the formation of teams
    – Self-diagnosing
  • Class 2: CCO
    – Understanding the new role
  • Class 3: CCO
    – Understanding people
    – Understanding the business
  • Class 4: Client
    – Framing the ideal agency/client relationship
    – Learning to listen
    – Arguing according to the brand
  • Class 5: Planning Leader
    – Strategy as an adjective, noun, and verb
    – Three ways to hold hands
    – Three things to demand of planning
    – What works and what doesn’t
  • Class 6: Account Director
    – Definition and typology of clients
    – How to present an idea
    – Aligning goals
    – Evaluate and learn
  • Class 7: Operation Leader
    – Defining the business of an agency
    – Disarming taboos: finance, operations and HR terminologies
    – How to begin to understand (and not be left out)
  • Class 8: Coach Recap
    – Understanding the details (reviews, hiring, raises, diversity and inclusion, and more)
    – Understanding micro-aggressions

Your Teachers Are Industry Insiders

Each and every one of your instructors has experienced the reality of leading—whether at major agencies, global brands, or (often) both.

They’ll give you insights, tools, and the benefit of their experiences to help you become the leader you’re meant to be.

Our Next Cohort is Starting Soon

Program Starts: February 17 | Application Deadline: February 1

Tuition & Logistics

Total regular tuition cost for the Creative Director Program is $2,850 USD.

Those who register before December 21, 2021 qualify for early bird pricing at $2,200 USD.

Classes take place on Thursdays, beginning February 17, 2022, and running until April 21, 2022.

Students graduate with a M.AD Creative Direction Online Certificate.

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