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Creative wizardry in the magic city.

Welcome to the original Miami Ad School—a cutting-edge learning space and mind-bending creative experience.

Here you’ll explore the boundaries of what you ever thought possible. Like hundreds of students before you, you'll explore the limits of your own potential, and carve a unique path in the creative industry.

And it all starts here.

Our address: 225 NE 34th St, Suite 203, Miami, FL 33137

The True American Dream

Creatives thrive on an eclectic mix of inspiration—diverse input tends to lead to incredible output.

That’s a good description of what we’ve built in Miami. Not a melting pot—a tossed salad of languages, skin color, customs, politics, history, music, design and art. Our school reflects the swirling culture of the city around it: Little Havana, Little Haiti, Little Argentina, Little Venezuela; Little Mexico, Little Russia and neighborhoods of all colors.

Where you look is where you go. That’s why we teach students to focus on the right stuff, the creative possibilities. Inside our walls, you’ll learn to create magic from the ordinary. You’ll learn to think in new ways. 

A place to become who you're meant to be.

Here, something is always happening: workshops, design events, and stand-up comedy nights. It’s a creative playground, designed from the ground up to inspire people like you…and push them to go beyond their preconceived barriers. 

On first arrival, our students traditionally look around and wonder, ”is this really a school?” 

It is, and it’s where you become who you’re meant to be.

No Professors Here—Just Real World Experts

Our Instructors are currently working in advertising agencies, design firms, and marketing departments, doing cutting-edge work. They’ll teach you everything they know.

Our Programs In Miami

You’ll take courses in copywriting, social media, design, photography, strategy and coding. Your instructors work at local hot shops and big international agencies like Sapient, Facebook, Alma DDB and Gut. Students work in teams and learn by doing, often on real client projects, You’ll graduate with a great portfolio, real-world experience and a network of over 100 industry professionals.
Matt McLaren
Brand Strategist at Huge
Miami Ad School Strategic Planning Grad
“Without Miami Ad School, I’d still be in the exciting world of contact center optimization software. The boot camp took something that I was interested in and quickly turned it into a passion. ”

Important Details About Studying in Miami

In the second year of the two-year portfolio programs students have the option to study and intern in agencies and companies in up to four other cities around the world where Miami Ad School has programs. Students continue to develop their portfolio, expand their network of industry contacts and get real-world, global experience.

Portfolio programs (art direction, copywriting, design, photography & video) start four times a year: January, April, July and October. The program lasts for 8 quarters. Each quarter lasts 10 weeks with a break between each quarter. In the second year students can study and intern in other cities. The strategic planning boot camp starts once a year in October, The boot camp last for 3 months (12-weeks).

To find out more about upcoming deadlines and how to apply, visit the Admissions page.

Accreditation: Miami Ad School and all its US branch locations are accredited by the Commission on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road Ste. 325, Building 300, Atlanta, GA 30350, telephone: 770-396-3898.

Licensing: Miami Ad School is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, 325 W. Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee 32399-0400, Telephone: 1-888-224-6684.

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Our address: 225 NE 34th St, Suite 203, Miami, FL 33137

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