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Applying for a Student Visa

Without US citizenship, you’ll need to apply for the M1 Student Visa in order to study here at M.AD. 

The first step is to apply to the school, which will help us to get your 1-20 form (the first step to getting your M-I Student Visa). 

You’ll also need to send us the following four items:

Please send a copy of your passport from the country you will be getting the visa in.

This must be printed on bank letterhead and must be calculated for US currency by your bank. The financial document must be the original document as copies nor print-outs from the internet are acceptable.

Your bank statement may not be older then 90 days before your start date of school.

A) If you are applying for the two-year portfolio programs in art direction, copywriting, digital design, photography & video the current balance indicated must be at least $32,000 US.

B) If you are applying for one of the 12-week boot camps the current balance indicated must be at least:

$8,500 US – social media
$13,000 US – account planning

C) If you are applying to the joint master’s program with Florida International University, your international paperwork will be supplied through FIU. Please contact them for their instructions.

If the financial statement is not in your name, you’ll need a letter from the person whom is listed on the bank statement. This is your sponsor. You may have more than one sponsor. If the bank statement is in your name, you can skip this requirement. The sponsor letter must be the original as copies are not acceptable.

Scores must be a minimum of 550/PBT, 213/CBT, or 80/IBT. Miami Ad School – Miami’s TOEFL code is 3023. Occasionally, this component is waived. Contact your admissions advisor if your English language ability can be clearly demonstrated in both written and oral form.

About Your I-20 Form

After you’re accepted to study at M.AD, you’ll get your I-20 form. The next step is getting your M-I student visa. 

Follow these three steps to get it:

  • Go to
  • Click “Submit Form I-901 and Fee Payment.”
  • Choose “Form I-20” and click OK.
  • Enter your surname and first name as it appears on your I-20 and passport as well as the SEVIS ID number on the top right of your form I-20.

At the American Embassy or Consulate you will be required to show proof the $350 USD fee is paid. If you are a Canadian citizen you have completed the process. Just save and present your receipt with your I-20 when you enter the U.S. All other nationalities proceed to Step 3.

Be sure to inquire early about all the needed documentation required for this appointment. You will need to complete the DS-160 visa application at Provide only what is required. There will be a fee for the M-1 visa, so you’ll want to ask what this cost is when setting up your appointment. When you have your appointment at the American Embassy or Consulate you will need to leave your passport in order for them to add to it your approved M-1 student visa.

* If you are a Canadian Citizen, you are not required to complete this step.

When the American Embassy or Consulate returns your passport make sure all the information on your M-1 student visa is accurate. Make sure you have been issued an M-1 visa and not an F-1 visa. (The consulates and embassies on occasion issue the wrong visa.) If your student visa is an F-1, it is incorrect and you will need to have it corrected at the embassy or consulate to an M-1 visa. You may not study at Miami Ad School on an F-1 visa. (Disregard this info if you are enrolling in the joint Masters program with FIU.)

Common Questions

Since Miami Ad School is an M-1 school, the Form I-20 can only be issued for one year. In your second year you need to get a new Form 1-20. You will receive an email in your fourth quarter in week one telling you that you need a new Form I-20 with your options and instructions.

No, the U.S. Department of Customs and Immigration does not allow students on an M-1 visa to work.

The United States Government does not extend student loans to international students. But, if you’re Swedish, you’re in luck as the Swedish Government provides financial support to its citizens studying abroad.

Have More Questions?

Talk to Jasmine Harris. 

She’s our resident expert on everything you’ll need to know regarding tuition and fees, and coming to M.AD from abroad. She’ll be happy to have a chat and help you build a plan for your creative career.

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