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Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer
at Activision-Blizzard

Today’s leading brands use pop culture to tell stories and gain awareness.¬†This is your chance to learn their secrets.

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You’ll learn from current creative leaders (including Fernando Machado, Global CMO at Activison and Anselmo Ramos, Founder of GUT) as they teach you to understand brands and the cultural zeitgeist, and share proven methods to produce ideas that lead the cultural conversation.

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Fernando Machado

Global Chief Marketing Officer

at Activision-Blizzard


Anselmo Ramos

Founder & Chairman at

GUT Agency


Fernando Machado and Anselmo Ramos, your primary instructors in this course are both respected creative professionals.

Fernando serves as the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Activision-Blizzard (formerly the same role for Burger King). He’s a leading figure in modern advertising and popular marketing.

Anselmo is the Founder and Creative Chairman for GUT, one of the world’s most awarded agencies.

Watch the video below for an explanation of the partnership between Miami Ad School and Burger King that inspired the class, courtesy of Fernando Machado.

Here, Student Work
is Real Work

2 students in the original Pop Culture
Engineering course, Julia Girschikofsky and
Florian Lanzinge, had their idea featured by
Burger King in a real campaign. The story
was later covered by Esquire, Thrillist, and the
New York Times.

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