They'll teach you everything they know

They work in advertising agencies, design firms and marketing departments
Anja Duering, Executive Creative Director, Chemistry / Art Direction Diploma, Portfolio Center / BFA Otis College of Art and Design
Devan Carter, Designer, Atlanta Hawks / Design Diploma, Portfolio Center
Tricia Russo, Chief Strategy Officer, BBDO / MA, Simmons University / BA, University of Colorado
Instructor, Theo Rudnak, created this illustration. He teaches content creation. His work has appeared in Newsweek, Forbes, New York Times, Fortune...
Larry Luk, Director of Brand Partnerships, Localeur / Design Diploma, Portfolio Center / BA Emory University
Theo Rudnak, Illustrator / BFA, Cooper School of Art
Pippa Seichrist, Cofounder, Miami Ad School / Diploma, Portfolio Center / BA, Rollins College
Sam Eckersley, Partner, Rogers Eckersley Design / MA, SVA / BA, University of Nebraska
Stephanie Smith, Founder, Insomniac / BA, Georgia Institute of Technology
The first project from the Visual Impact class. Make the first letter of your name out of food.
Hank Richardson, Director of Development / ABJ, University of Georgia
Bowen Mendelson, Creative Director, Fitzgerald & Company / Copywriting Diploma, Miami Ad School / BS University of Colorado
Ian Hills, Art Director, SolDesign Company / Design Diploma, Portfolio Center
Carl Corbitt, Executive Creative Director, Chemistry / Copywriting Diploma, Portfolio Center / ABJ, University of Georgia