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Using Social Media to Pitch In and Clean Up Our World

JEFF KIRSCHNER CROWDSOURCES COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT WITH LITTERATI Litter is not only an eyesore, bringing down the community aesthetics, but it is also a financial burden. According to a study done by Keep America Beautiful, the direct cost of litter cleanup and prevention each year is about $11.5 billion dollars. Even people who do not litter have […]

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Portfolio School Should Be More Than Just Creating A Book

SEAN WRIGHT TALKS ABOUT HIS INTERNSHIP AND EXPERIENCE AT DIGITAS Our students come to Miami Ad School because they’ve discovered the creative side of advertising and need to build a portfolio. Although our classes are practical and taught by working professionals, nothing is more valuable than real-world experience. That’s why we have our second-year Quarter […]

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Portfolio School Student Wins Miami Beach Art Deco Poster Contest

MIAMI AD SCHOOL ART DIRECTOR MATT KERN’S DESIGN DISPLAYED THIS WEEKEND A few years ago, the Miami Design Preservation League decided to open a competition for their annual Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend promotional poster. Previously created by commissioned artists, the contest gives an art student the chance to win the Barbara Baer Capitman Design Scholarship and […]

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