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The 5 most important things to remember as a brand on instagram

YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING BUT YOURSELF Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms. With 100 million monthly active users and an average 8500 likes per second, it’s no wonder that brands want to play in this space. But like all other social networks, Instagram was made for people, not brands. So how […]

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Student Project Aims to Fill New York Public Libraries Again

THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY ENRICHES YOUR DAILY COMMUTE Three students from Miami Ad Schools all over the world came up with a brilliant idea while taking classes in Brooklyn and working together in a Greenhouse Internship at 360i in New York. San Francisco student Keri Tan (AD), Hamburg student Max Pilwat (AD) and Miami student Ferdi Rodriguez (CW) are trying to solve the public […]

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