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Careful What You Tweet

HEINEKEN IS AT IT AGAIN, WITH DEPARTURE ROULETTE EN ROUTE How many times have you claimed on social media that you would do something if given the chance. You kind of knew you were safe, it could never happen so you brag a little. Better be careful. Heineken is calling people out on their claims […]

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Miami Ad School’s Assistant Strategist Wins Pro-Bono Challenge

GOOGLE AND THE 4AS TEAM UP TO TEACH MAIP ALUMS AND HELP CAMP KESEM Caitlin Bishop, Assistant Strategist at Miami Ad School New York, was part of the winning team at AdByte Powered by Google which was held on Oct. 28th. The event was the first ever product-immersion program between Google, the 4As, and the […]

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Sara Cobaugh, Account Planner at McKinney, Wins Pick of the Litter

SHE ALSO REVEALS HOW WE CAN BREAK THE CASH V. PUPPY STREAK Miami Ad School held its annual Pick of the Litter contest, a celebration of outstanding planners with less than three years strategic experience, at the 4A’s Strategy Festival in Nashville. On October 28th, Sara Cobaugh, an account planner at McKinney, took home the top spot. She […]

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