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Miami Ad School invites a dozen, internationally-famous street artists to use the school’s magenta walls as their canvas.

GET TO KNOW THE ARTISTS WHO ARE COMING TO CREATE WITH US Featured artist:   Louis Masai from The United Kingdom “My subject matter focuses on animals. In my series, Last of My Kind, I document critically endangered birds with references to extinct musicians. The idea for this series of work was to question why humans often fail to recognize a […]

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Halloween MAS Murder Party

PUT ON YOUR SCARIEST FACE AND COME PARTY WITH US. On Friday, Oct 31 from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, we will have our first big party at the new Miami Ad School Wynwood location, and we want you to come and celebrate with us this milestone. At our, impossible-to-miss bright magenta building, we will have: DJ, […]

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Social Media is not NEW media, it’s NOW media.

ARE YOU AS A MARKETER, READY TO TRANSFORM A BRAND INTO A SOCIAL CHARACTER? Brands are constantly changing, and looking for new ideas and ways to reach their audience, but now Social Media has opened a door for the audience to reach back. The monologue it’s over. It’s time to hear and respond. It is […]

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Students win big at CLIOS.

TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR AWARD-WINNING IDEAS Miami Ad School students dominated the student category at the Clios held last month. Students from the school’s Miami, São Paulo, Hamburg, and New York locations were honored for the innovative projects and campaigns they created while in school. Take a look at their award winning ideas: Gold […]

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Miami Ad School’s New Wynwood Location

TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO WE OPENED THE FIRST LOCATION IN MIAMI WITH SIX STUDENTS, TODAY WE HAVE 14 LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD. Believing that environment is critical to learning and creativity, Ron and Pippa Seichrist, the founders of Miami Ad School, decided to rethink the space at the mothership location in Miami and took the chance to build […]

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