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Eight Miami Ad School students will JumpStart 2015 with $80,000

FOR THE DREAMERS AND CREATORS OF TOMORROW Creativity, talent, enthusiasm, dedication and passion, are some of the characteristics that allow a person to succeed in the advertising and design professions. At Miami Ad School we are extremely proud to announce that eight of our portfolio students won the American Association of Advertising Agencies Operation JumpStart Scholarship. This scholarship that awards […]

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Miami Ad School “Now in PINK”

THIRTEEN INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS STREET ARTISTS CELEBRATE THE SCHOOL’S GRAND OPENING WITH THEIR SPRAY PAINT AND CREATIVE VISION. Miami Ad School’s new location is a creative playground for the mind. It took two years to transform two dilapidated warehouses on the upper west side of Wynwood into a state of the art training center that offers workshops, courses […]

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Miami Ad School Students Brainwashed Burger King in Just One Week

GIVE US ONE OPPORTUNITY, WE WILL GIVE YOU A CAMPAIGN Miami Ad School often works with global brands on a variety of projects. The school has a program called SWAT Team – this is a rapid reaction creative solution team. In this case Miami Ad School was enlisted to work on a project with Burger King through their agency Alison Brod […]

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