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Maybe They’re Racist When They’re Hungry?

Snickering At Racists, A Finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative, Takes the Fight to the Racists on Twitter, One Snarky Tweet At a Time. With the current state of race relations in our country, we need to take action where and when we can. Though we’d all love some sort of grand gesture—a massive and […]

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$200,000 in Minority Advertising Scholarships

Miami Ad School launches the largest minority advertising scholarship program in the country! There has never been a better time to start your creative career. The industry is in crisis mode when it comes to minority involvement. Clients like Pepsi, General Mills and HP are demanding more diversity in their agencies.

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Does Misunderstanding Fuel Racism?

Color Conversations, a finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative, takes on the misunderstandings and problems behind racial tensions in American society.

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