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Great Careers for African Americans

African Americans are well know as superstars in music, films, dance and so many other areas of culture. But, do you know of an African-American working in advertising or design? Probably not. There isn’t a video on YouTube of the people who created that amazing Super Bowl commercial. Or designed a fantastic new product. Or shot […]

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Love on the Subway?

No one needs a Valentine. What they need is love. The subway is one of the least friendly places in New York City. Each passenger is in their own little world. No one speaks, smiles or even makes eye contact. Nick Smatt, a graduate, working as a strategic planner in New York, came up with […]

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Which was better? The Commercials or the Game?

YOU’RE NOT ALONE If you picked the commercials as your favorite, you’re not alone. In the very unscientific survey we conducted 100% of the respondents said the TV spots were more entertaining than the game. Each year the Super Bowl is the one televised event when bathroom breaks are often taken during the program and not […]

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