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The Bootcamp took me from 0 experience to Brand Planner in one interview! I saw a brand planner job opening at one of my favorite agencies but wasn’t going to apply because it required 3-5 years of experience. It was for an agency I really admired, VMLY&R, who was (and is) doing some really great work across the board. I talked to a few of my teachers from the course and Stephanie Gr., who oversees the Bootcamp in Atlanta, and they all advised to just go for it. Stephanie reminded me that the Bootcamp provides a lot of intensive experience within the 12-week program which is equivalent to several years of work experience. She was right. I got the job!

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Out of 450 schools around the world, Miami Ad School was selected 2019 School of the Year! Find out why the Future Lions’ judges thought the students at Miami Ad School were so outstanding.

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Innovative Career and Creative Freedom

No one wants a career where you sit at a desk doing the same thing everyday. Instead you want to collaborate, travel and invent things. Here are 5 companies you should consider working for.

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