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MAD Students Sweep Awards Season

OK, we’re biased. It’s not exactly a secret that we’re insanely proud of our students. But this year, in particular, our bias has nothing to do with it: our students just won 10% of the available New Blood awards from D&AD for 2020. As many will know, a D&AD Award is one of the most […]

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7 Art Direction Skills That Industry Insiders Love

Think you could be an Art Director? It’s competitive…and it’s worth it. The life of an Art Director is everything incredible, challenging, wild, and fulfilling about the creative process itself. Great Art Directors elevate every project they work on, producing pieces of culture that are experienced, shared, and loved around the world. Naturally, such an […]

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The Insider Truth: What A Copywriter (Actually) Does

“A copywriter’s main job is storytelling. But the way you tell those stories can be different from day to day. I can go from writing a manifesto to sell an idea to a client to writing a short musical to developing the voice for a chat bot. These things can happen back to back within […]

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6 Copywriting Skills That Hiring Managers Love

Is this the worst time in modern history for the written word? There’s been plenty said (and written) about the death of the written word…but here’s the truth: there’es probably never been a better time to be a copywriter. No doubt, reading habits have changed. Attention spans are shrinking (on a personal scale as well […]

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What Does a Strategic Planner Do?

Strategic Planner. Brand planner. Account Planner. Creative Strategist. There are many names for the role we’ll be discussing here. And the details are different depending on the team. But one thing is certain: these professionals (we’ll call them Strategic Planners to keep things simple) are often a business’s guiding light. From the word go, a […]

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The Age of Creativity: 4 Incredible Creative Projects From 2020 (So Far)

The 4th is coming up. And as Americans across the globe celebrate against an unprecedented backdrop of change and confusion, at MAD we have something on our mind: the role creativity (and creative freedom) can play in building a better future. There’s a longstanding and persistent myth that creative pursuits are frivolous. Some see the […]

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