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How To Become A Professional Art Director: According To Experts

Want to see what a creative project looks like without the steady hand of an Art Director? A never-ending nightmare. Chaos in the streets. Cats and dogs living together… Why is that? Because an AD doesn’t just pull together the vision of what a project should look like…they also get everyone on board to row in the […]

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How To Become A Professional Copywriter: An Expert’s Guide

The writing game has changed somewhat in the last….say 50 years. These days, copywriters are responsible for a huge swathe of the creative process. A crucial thing to understand: a copywriter is not just another writer. Great writers can make great copywriters…but it’s never a guarantee. Why? Because copywriting is writing+marketing. It’s the art of storytelling with […]

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6 Skills Social Media Pros Use To Get High-Paying Jobs

Hey, I don’t want to shock you here…but this social media fad might be sticking around. I mean, seriously. I don’t think it’s going away guys. Here’s the facts: after years of entrusting the corporate FB page to the youngest intern, smart companies have finally woken up. These days, more people follow brands online than […]

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