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Google Teaches Miami Ad School Students How to See Trends as They Are Developing.

Google started a partnership with Miami Ad School to train the future creative leaders. The educational partnership gives our students a professional edge because they learn the latest tools and technology available to agencies.

Our latest Google speakers:

  • Allison Mooney- Head of Trends and Insights at Google and Marketing and Editor-in-Chief of Think with Google
  • Brad Johnsmeyer- Marketing Manager, Data Content and Insights at Google

Allison and Brad taught the Miami Ad School students how to use Think with Google. You can explore trends and have a behind-the-scenes look at digital campaigns across industries, platforms and audiences.

They shared the “Top 3 Tech Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2015”. 

  • Devices are beginning to come together and become platforms for your life.
  • Smartphone personalization will simplify your world.
  • Connectivity is making all of this possible.

What does this mean?

In 2015 consumers will have a better mobile experience. Marketers will be able to deliver personalized ads in real-time and make mobile experiences customized.

Join us for a sneak peek into our Google Guest Speaker Series.

  • Google Docs- Brainstorming and Collaborating
  • Google Search- How to add value to your campaign.
  • Promoting through Google Search
  • The Minimum Value Brief using Google Tools.
  • Google Think Insights

  • Google InsImage removed.

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