If you’re a designer, art director or photographer you also need to be a writer. Here’s why.

It’s clear there’s a certain fear of writing which looms large in many designers’ and art directors’ minds. It’s an anxiety and an understandable one. Often, designers and art directors think they’re just not trained, specifically, to write, and so are intimidated by the unknown. Sometimes it’s because designers and art directors believe there’s some strange, difficult and mysticism within the creative process involved.

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24 Creative Opportunities You Might Not Know About

If you’re like most of the young people we talk to, you’re in a hurry to find a career or change the one you currently have. You want to work hard at something you’re passionate about. But how do you know what your options are? How do you know which career will be the right fit for you?

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One Great Interview Can Change Your Life

What you say and do on an interview is what leads to a second interview or job offer. We’re going to share with you the tips we give our graduating students. Since the school has a near perfect graduate placement rate we know these tips work. This advice has helped thousands of our graduates get placed in creative jobs all over the world.

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Advertising has a Diversity Problem

The school poses a challenge to the industry. Make tax-deductible contributions to the minority scholarship program. The first three companies to accept this challenge are being announced at Advertising week. These companies are taking advantage of the full program. In addition to contributing to the minority scholarship fund, they are hosting Miami Ad School Experience Labs and hiring the school’s grads. Everybody wins!

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