How Apple Uses Copywriting to Woo You

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Apple uses copywriting to woo you.

All of Apple’s copy serves the brand. They know their voice. It’s confident, simple, and playful…even smug.

Here’s how they make it work:

1. Focus on Outcomes

Their copy is careful not to dig too deeply into complex tech. They focus on EMOTION and OUTCOMES.

When launching iPod they didn’t say, “The new Apple MP3 player with up to 2 GB of storage.” 😑

They said, “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Classic. 👀

2. Keep it Simple

When they're presenting features, they keep it simple. They also speak with authority. Short, declarative sentences that focus on ONE BIG IDEA at a time.

If it's an ad about iPhone's privacy features? Then that's all the ad is about.

No need to focus on other features, or prices, or some other tidbit. Let the privacy message ring out loud and clear.

3. Know Your Voice

If Apple was a person, what would they be like?

Chances are you have an image in your head. Someone confident, right? Fairly young, hip, creative, and intelligent.

Apple is rigorous in maintaining that image. They know what they are.

They speak with authority, but they tend to undercut it with some playful energy. But they're never silly. Even Apple's jokes are knowing winks at their audience. Apple makes jokes as if they know they’re speaking to someone who gets it.

It’s about INTIMACY. If you get it, you get it. Apple wants you to feel like one of the people who get it.

All together Apple’s copy adds up to a clear and unified voice. A brand that knows what it is.

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Here at MAD we teach young copywriters all of those skills. And we teach them how to balance their own creativity with a brand's distinct voice. That's why our copywriting grads are working at the most interesting brands on Earth.

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