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Industry Partnerships

5 ways to collaborate

1. Hire a Grad

Looking for creative and strategic talent?
Post your job with us. Thousands of qualified candidates will see it. We stay in touch with our grads throughout their careers, so we are a resource for both junior and senior level talent. Best part? This is a free service!

Hire a Grad

2. Client Projects

Our Innovation Lab works with clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

We collaborated with Hormel to develop a new food for guys on the go. Helped Ford make a mini-van cool. Worked with Starbucks to find ways to get Latinos to drink cold coffee.

What is the Innovation Lab?
The Lab is made up of our top students — art directors, designers, content creators, writers and strategists. They are millennials, digital natives who in a few months will be hired by agencies and brands all over the world. Until then they can work for you.

Give us a Project

3. Corporate Training

Through our vast network of alumni, professors, and mentors we have access to the highest caliber instructors. They have a passion for helping businesses reach their goals. They can teach your team how to sharpen their creative, strategic and organizational skills. Our training can happen on your site or at any of our locations around the world.


Training Options

4. Curriculum Partners

Many companies partner with the school to create our curriculum. What better way for companies to have the first chance to hire talent trained with the skills you need? Since all our schools’ instructors are practicing professionals, students get a solid, double-dose of the real world. They are ready and very able to produce from the first day on the job.


FACEBOOK — social media content creation

Facebook partnered with Miami Ad School in Atlanta to create a curriculum specifically for content creation for social media. Because of our global network new programs can scale quickly. Our students around the world have cutting-edge skills.

SAPIENT / ux design curriculum

Sapient in Toronto partnered with the school’s Toronto location. Along with other UX experts, they designed a program specifically for working professionals who want to expand their skill set.

Share a Curriculum Idea

5. Diversity Partners

Our industry has a diversity problem.

Miami Ad School realized we could be part of the solution. If the school attracted and trained more minority talent, companies could diversify their creative departments. We developed a comprehensive scholarship and mentorship program that addresses the four reasons minorities do not enter our industry. Our minority enrollment is now 43%!

Thank you!

Facebook, R/GA, Vaynermedia, Canvas Worldwide and Carmichael Lynch. Our diversity partners contribute to the scholarship fund and have direct access to this new talent.

Ask About Our Diversity Program

We Love Ideas!

Contact me if you’d like to collaborate

Pippa Seichrist