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Creative Prompts for Future Art Directors

When you create your profile and start your applicationyou’ll be asked to pick 3 of these prompts and submit your responses to us. 

A good idea comes before technology.

Pitch a simple idea for a tech product / service / app. Expand on your innovation. Who is it for? Why will it sell? How can it make the world a better place? You don’t need to worry about the technical details or create a video (unless you want to!)

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a project created by one of our advanced students:
an app that alerts your friends when you try to text an ex.

Create a Mood Board of all elements, feelings, and personal favorites that best describe the person you are! There are no visual rules or number of elements. Free your imagination and let your personality run amock.

Examples: photos, drawings, tickets, poems, objects, cards, movie posters, and whatever else you want.

Walk around your neighborhood. Take 8-10 photos that tell a story. It can be as simple as bikes in your neighborhood, what people leave on their porches and even interesting cracks on the sidewalk.  

Submit the 8-10 examples in whatever format best tells your story.

Write a caption for each image. 

Do you already have stacks of examples that show your creativity? Send us 10-15 things you’ve created: videos, paintings, drawings, designs, advertising, fashion ideas, tik-toks, blogs, sculptures, poems, photographs, short stories…anything that shows who you are as a creative.

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October 3, 2024

Our programs start 4 times a year: in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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