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Students will have classes at both Steinbeis SMI and Miami Ad School
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Get Your Master Of Science In Business Management (M.Sc.)

INCLUDING THE PORTFOLIO PROGRAM in art direction or copywriting
The Creative Master’s Program including the Portfolio Program leads to Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.). Major: Marketing, Media and Communication; Minor: Creative Communication and Management.

The program lasts two years and is in English. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) or a completed first course of studies. Students can begin four times a year: in January, April, July, and October. Our “classic” Portfolio Program complements the Master’s Program with block seminars in the quarter holidays in the first year (Seven present days during the quarter break in Berlin at Steinbeis SMI. Five study days from Monday till Friday- plus selfstudy on Saturday and Sunday plus Exam on following Monday and Tuesday. During your second year you do not have present days when you travel the world with our quarter away program (over 800 possible locations around the globe). ). In the last quarter at the end of two years, you write your master’s thesis.

A course of study for creative entrepreneurs and strategic all-rounders: For example, it involves personnel management, business development, entrepreneurship, finance – and innovation to a great extent. Simply everything you need to know as a future leader in the creative and tech industries.

30 days of attendance total + preparatory self-study + academic work + Exam.

For details, see our brochure.

Program description

Creative minds, innovators and freethinkers are the future leaders of tomorrow’s media world. In our 2-year joint program with Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation you will not only earn a Master’s of Science degree but also build a portfolio in art direction, copywriting or digital design. We created an English course of study that integrates creative excellence, digital media, marketing, management and relevant financial and business components.

Brands, markets and marketing are becoming more professional and more complicated everyday. Customer contact, strategy and creation are now forever interwoven. For concepts and integrated campaigns to succeed, a creative mind needs to understand both the core of the strategy and possess the ability to communicate and explain their approach to a non-creative audience. After two years you will become a creative entrepreneur and strategist with the knowledge of global trends, creative excellence and digital competence who can motivate employees and manage growth conceptually and financially. You enter the world of creative leadership.

Intern & Study Abroad

Miami Ad School’s Master’s program takes two years to complete.

First year:
One MASE year is divided into four quarters. Your creative learning odyssey begins in Berlin or Hamburg where you will be provided your basic education, plus you attend the Steinbeis SMI campus in Berlin the first days during each quarter break.

Second year:
You spend your second year studying and working as in intern in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Stockholm and many other location possibilities in order to develop a global perspective and you work on your master’s case study. At your base school you will complete your portfolio, work on your master’s thesis and graduate in your last quarter. Its a really tight and demanding program – but one can achieve a lot in such a short time. In case one needs a little more time with the thesis there is no problem about it too and it can be easily stretched without additional costs.

Schedules are set by the registrar and cannot be modified. 


Students will graduate with a Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.) from Steinbeis SMI and a Diploma plus a portfolio from Miami Ad School.

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Master’s Degree Courses

Art Direction

In the real world, it’s not a creative free-for-all. There’s a strategy brief the creatives work from. Gain insight into consumers, learn the critical role of account planning and develop brilliant ideas from a creative brief.


Writing for visual and audio media requires specific skills and a fluency in the idiosyncrasies of each medium. Learn how to write scripts that exploit the narrative potential of these environments and different voices. You’ll have the best courses to become a copywriter.

Tools and Media

Craft is super fun and more important then ever. Craftsmanship in your portfolio lifts you to another level when you go to your first job interview.