Brand Experience boot camp

An intense 12-week program in brand experience, design and innovation

Learn from Sydney's top Experience Design experts
Top Professionals
UXD experts from R/GA, Accenture, IBM, CHE Proximity, VM, create and teach the curriculum
Learn to think outside the box
This bootcamp covers everything from Research, Ideas, Design, Prototyping to Testing
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Brand Experience boot camp


Our new Brand Experience boot camp prepares marketers for the future: we merge the creativity of Brand Advertising with the future of Customer Experience. Taught by leading experts, you’ll receive skill training across UX, Customer Experience, Strategy, Design, Creativity and Innovation. You’ll graduate with a professional portfolio that shows the hybrid skills that are highly sought after by today’s industry.

What makes our course different?

Be guided by experts from Sydney’s top agencies, consultancies and global technology companies. Learn to generate original ideas using rapid design thinking methodologies and leverage core learnings across strategy, design, creative and innovation to drive exceptional customer experiences. It’s what will make you stand out in the workforce for the future. You’ll architect your ideas and challenge your thinking into different digital and physical spaces; inject innovation methodologies, and build strategic frameworks. Scroll down for the topics.

This is a selective course capped at 12 places for an intimate learning experience.

Contact [email protected] for the admission criteria or click on the ‘how-to-apply button’.

I actually find virtual classes interesting and useful. We use a lot of collaboration tools in class and get to know them well. And we can share all of our experiences, ideas and work. I always find it great to get to know new and different tools, and different ways to use them. A nice side-effect of remote learning. I think it’s actually a great part of UX, and being able to adapt as well. 

Livia Bigler

Experience Design boot camper

Program Schedule

This boot camp is a condensed program with four weekly classes in the evenings plus one Ideation workshop on a Saturday. Teaching hours: 120 hours. Expected out of class hours: 180 hours. In the last week you’ll be exposed one-on-one to several advertising/marketing company representatives in both interview and critique sessions. The representatives will, at the same time, inform you of their company’s philosophy, culture and give insight into their planning department. Students are expected to modify their presentation from their advice and counsel.

Tuition and Materials

Tuition is AUD $5,940.00. 

All students must have:

A laptop computer with CD-R or DVD-R

A standard complement of computer software including but not limited to Creative Cloud 

A smartphone with video function

A basic knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and After Effects.

Who are the instructors?

Senior experts from leading UX businesses and agencies such as Accenture, AKQA, Akcelo, CHEP, IBM, HostHavas, Google and Snapchat.


Can I work and study?

Yes, the Experience Design bootcamp is taught after hours:  four weekly 3-hour sessions, Mondays to Thursdays 6pm to 9pm plus one full Saturday workshop.

Academic Calendar

Please note, we are now taking applications for the spring quarter, and expressions of interest for autumn quarters:  spring quarter (September – December) and autumn/late summer quarter (March to June). 

2020 Spring Quarter

Classes start 21 September

Classes end 3 December

2021 Autumn Quarter

Classes start 22 March

Classes end 3 June.

2021 Spring Quarter

Classes start 20 September

Classes end 2 December

Application deadline

We recommend that applications from international students who want to attend face to face classes are received 2-3 months before the start of the boot camp to allow you sufficient time to obtain your visa.

The application deadline is six weeks prior to the start of classes. Please see our FAQs for application deadlines and the school calendar. 


This is a twelve week certificate program with the primary purpose of assisting students in developing the skills to work as an Experience Designer in an advertising agency or marketing company. Graduates have the opportunity to attend a portfolio review and interviews with several potential employers. Miami Ad School also supplies graduates with job leads throughout their career.

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Brand Experience topics in Sydney

BX Research

Learn how to measure brand experiences on four dimensions: sensory, affective, intellectual, and behavioral.Get an introduction to cognitive psychology, distill information into insights to create great physical and digital brand experiences.

BX Strategy

Learn about the evolution of Experience Design, the importance of putting the user at the centre of the design process and the challenges.

Understand user needs

Understand your customers to identify business and differentiation opportunities. Understand how to use metrics and consumer behavior data. Use cognitive psychology to solve problems.

Test your work

Test your thinking and your designs at each step. Prepare and conduct research to test your design.

Design Craft

Execute a well-formed digital experience—including the colour coordination, fonts, alignments, timing and sequence of behaviours, tenor of audio cues, and tone of messages.

Learn how to pitch perfectly

Gain confidence in describing and explaining your work, demonstrate your point of view and provide rationale for your design decisions.


Generate original ideas using rapid design thinking methodologies and leveraging core learnings across strategy, design, creative and innovation to drive exceptional customer experiences. Learn how to work with front-end developers to build a design framework that delivers digital designs for mobile apps, website, Smartwatch, Smart TV.

Build a design framework

Nurture your ideas and build an experience design framework that illustrates and defines the experiences of different types of users. Build your insights and ideas into the prototyping and wireframes to achieve increased engagement, usability and conversion

BX Projects

Work in teams on client briefs, applying your new skills. Analyse a business problem, conduct research, deep dive into Experience Strategy. Inject creativity into your design thinking process by brainstorming with your partner. Translate your ideas to create great brand experiences.

Create a portfolio

Learn how to create a Brand Experience portfolio. Showcase your best work and highlight what employers are looking for to prepare you for the interview that could launch your career.