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They work in advertising agencies, TECHNOLOGY AND design firms and marketing departments
Eduardo Balestra, Copywriter, Grabarz & Partner
Manuel Diefenbach, Creative Director at Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg
Stephan Gerbeth, Head of Development, Grabarz & Partner
Jan Hellberg, Executive Creative Director, LA RED GmbH
Ilko Höpping, Teacher in Typography, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Digital and UX Design, Animation, Production
Robert Luciani, Senior Digital Art Director, Jung von Matt/Next Alster
Matthias Maurer, Management, LA RED GmbH
Finn Neubert, Copywriter, DDB Hamburg GmbH
Branko Presic, General Manager Strategy, yes-ideas
Savina Mokreva-Hibbeler, Senior Art Director, Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur GmbH
Christian Stamp, Creative Director Copy, Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg GmbH & Co
Andreas Wagner, Creative Director at thjnk
Eddi Flau, Concept/Copy/CD, Freelance
Franziska Flau, Creative Director Art, Philip und Keuntje
Antonia Wälzholz, Industry Head, Retail, Google Germany
Tobias Holland, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Pixel Park Germany
Heiko Schmidt, Managing Director Creation, VSF&P
Henning Bürger, Master of Sound/ Sounddesigner, Loft Tonstudios
Michel Foertsch, Creative Director, thjnk Hamburg
Patrik Hartmann, Creative Director, Freelance
Arne Hollmann, Creative Director, Fork Unstable Media GmbH
Leonhard Keller, Senior Copywriter at Jung von Matt
Christoph Maeschig, Owner, Managing Director, Nerdindustries
Johann Mikkat, UX Designer, Fork Unstable Media GmbH
Roman Raacke, Photographer
Lennert Robert Schrader, Head of 2D Department / Senior Motion Graphics Artist
Robin Stam, Freelance Copywriter, highly awarded
Marc Vosshall, Management Creation at VOSSHALLMARKETING, Kiel
Christoph Nann, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Hamburg
Tobias Schwaiger, Senior Copywriter, Kolle Rebbe
Philip Wogart, Chapter President VR/AR Association Germany and Co-Founder of HEADGEAR
Martin Wider, Managing Director at SEVEN SQUARED
Kathrin Buschmann, Agency Sales Manager, Google Germany
Jakob Eckstein, Creative Director at Grabarz & Partner
Gerrit Gley, Gley, Rissom, Thieme, GRT, Executive Shareholder - Lead Creation
Gepa Hinrichsen, Copywriter, Creative Director, freelance
Olaf Kroenke, Photographer and Filmotographer, Editor and Director
Tobias Mausolf, Communications Designer, Freelancer
Richard Pietsch, Creative Director UX, argonauten GmbH
Christian Reichel, Creative Coach, Personality Development Consultant, System Coach
Sergey Sidorov, Typographer, Ideas and Strategy Generator, Conception Maker, Creative Executive & Supervisor, Presenter, Project Leader
Ilies Terki, Full-time Filmmaker. Creative, Educator and Coach
Thomas Walmrath, Art Director and Creative Director, Freelancer
Jan Kruse, Creative Director and Managing Director, LIGALUX
Sebastian Martens, Director Technology, DDB & Tribal, Hamburg
Tina Krahne, Executive Creative Director, ACHTUNG! Communications Agency
Vera Karpova, Senior Copywriter, Serviceplan Gruppe
Nikolai Bockholt, Creative Technologist, Google ZOO - DACH