You Make the Call

SUPER BOWL 50: Which Brands Scored? Which Fumbled? You Make the Call.

Weigh in on which Super Bowl spots you think score big and which you think deserve to be sacked.

According to USA Today the most popular commercial from the last Super Bowl was the Budweiser "Lost Dog" created by Miami Ad School grads. But not all spots resonated with viewers. This year tell us what you think.

Miami Ad School is throwing a Super Bowl party and hosting The 3% Conference Tweetup on Sunday, February 7th in Miami. Real-time feedback from women at the party and across America on their attitudes toward the 2016 Super Bowl commercials will show which spots connect with women. Super Bowl spots that appeal to women have the best return on investment, because women buy products and share on social media in greater numbers than men on Super Bowl Sunday. "We will know within minutes which ads resonate with women, which have alienated them and why." says Kat Gordon, founder of The 3% Conference.

To host the Tweetup, 3% Conference is partnering with The Representation Project, a cultural change organization that inspires individuals and communities to challenge and overcome limiting gender stereotypes.The 3% Conference is a movement changing the narrative around marketing to women and has helped raise the number of female creative directors from 3% to 11% in just a few years. 

Download your scorecard here! Your opinion counts! #NotBuyingIt and #MediaWeLike

The Representation Project created popular campaigns #NotBuyingIt and #MediaWeLike, which inspire people to join together in celebrating good representation in advertising and call out the bad. If you are in Miami please join us at Miami Ad School for the event. Come tweet and enjoy the commercials, pizza, beer and even a little football. Meet the female advertising leaders of Miami who will be our featured tweeters including Pippa Seichrist, cofounder of Miami Ad School and Monica Marulanda, Creative Director at Alma (and a Miami Ad School graduate).

Victoria Secret Super Bowl ad features no body diversity and nearly no women of color. We're #notbuyingit. #3percentsb
Finally, an ad that celebrates fatherhood, doesn't deride it ar make dads look bad. #DoveMenCare gets my vote and I'm a mom! #3percentsb