Creativity for the Sake of Community
The Only Way to Change Things is to Do Things We’ve Never Tried

Pippa Seichrist Idea-a-Thon

Black lives matter, so do blue lives… all lives matter.

Yet, this simple and self-evident fact is often lost in the fractured debate between extreme voices on all sides. Voices that have long since stopped listening to any opposing viewpoints. Voices that have forgotten that no one, however well-meaning, has a monopoly on the truth.

The events of the past week in suburban St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas have touched us all. In the midst of these tragedies, how can we start the process of reconciliation in a nation so divided? How do we address the issues at hand and allow the healing process to begin?

The Miami Ad School family is going to try something. We’re going to harness our collective creativity. We will address this issue in classes in each of our American locations: Atlanta, Miami, New York and San Francisco. If all of our students work together on this effort, there will be a total of over 8,000 hours of creative energy dedicated to finding solutions to this important issue facing our nation. We will publish the best ideas on our website and in social media. We’ll send them to community leaders and the news media as well as our network of graduates and industry contacts.

Just imagine what all of those creative minds will come up with!

Twitter hashtag campaigns, Instagram projects, fundraisers on CrowdRise, Facebook profile images (like the ones created after the French terrorist attack or the Orlando gay club massacre), bumper stickers, T-shirts, hats and SnapChat filters. All these can be part of a solution.

However, creativity can do so much more. It can define the next step beyond the #BlackLivesMatter protests. It can help develop new policies and procedures to better safeguard the public as well as the men and women whose job it is to serve and protect. Creativity can find ways to unite individuals and communities, stopping the finger-pointing that does nothing but antagonize and alienate. Let’s open the door to dialogue, consensus and resolution.

This Thursday July 14 at 7:00 PM EDT, Miami Ad School Atlanta @ Portfolio Center will broadcast the brief for this “idea-a-thon” live on their Facebook page. Ashleigh Axios—former Creative Director and Digital Strategist for the White House—will be spearheading the project, along with Pippa Seichrist, Co-Founder and Head of Innovation at Miami Ad School.

What’s possible from an effort like this? Here are two inventive solutions our students and graduates recently created to address serious problems:

Please Tase Me Bro

Here is an interview with the creators.

YouTube TimeOut
Here’s a great article on the project from Design Taxi.

Creativity is a superpower. Our collective creativity—as a people and a nation—can help us transcend the failed policies of the past. We can design a better society that protects and the lives of individuals and preserves the integrity of the community.

The only way we can get there is to do things we’ve never tried before. Creativity will lead the way.

Join the creative solution. Come see the presentation at our open house or watch the brief live on Facebook.