One Door Closes, Another Opens: Saying Goodbye to Creative Circus

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Last week, the Creative Circus announced they'll be closing their doors.

For the last few decades, Creative Circus and Miami Ad School have been the go-to names in creative education—particularly in Atlanta.

We've been honored to teach alongside the impressive and creative folks at Circus all this time. It's been a challenge, and it's been a privilege. As our two schools pushed each other to innovate and improve, both got better.

Now, as the Creative Circus comes to a close, we'll be working together again to teach existing circus students through to the end of their time in school. Many will become M.AD students now! We're excited to welcome this new cohort to our classrooms. In the past, many students have attended both Circus and M.AD in the course of their education. Now, many members of this one final Circus class will join those ranks.

What Happens Next?

In reporting on the closing, AdWeek noted that the pandemic has hit creative schools hard—particularly ad schools. It's true. In fact, that added pressure from 2 years of lockdown is part of what has pushed us to accelerate our transition to becoming more than an ad school.

These days, M.AD is a school of creativity. Yes, we still teach great advertising. But we've also expanded into teaching in the realms of design, strategy, social media, and more. That transition will continue, and we're proud to say that M.AD will be around for a long, long time.

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