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Fernando Machado

 Global CMO, Burger King

“If you are looking for an advertising education I think Miami Ad School is one of the best options I can think of. Mainly because I work with a lot of people from this school and they are all very talented. The school goes beyond theory and engages the students with real projects, labs and internships.”

Jayanta Jenkins

Global Creative Director, HP
(formerly with Twitter, Apple, Weiden & Kennedy)

“Going to the school gave me the opportunity to hone my ability and to know if this business would be right for me. I can’t describe how much fun I’ve had—how grateful I am for the experiences I’ve gotten to live through this profession. (Right now I’m in Tokyo.) Classes gave me a great outlook on the business. Even as an African-American student I saw that opportunities were limitless and I live those opportunities.”

Grad Stories

How the School Changed My Life

“This school is the best decision I made in my life. I wake up every morning extremely excited to go to work. I love what I do.”

“Miami Ad School helped me with my job now because I wouldn’t have a job if it hadn’t been for Miami Ad School!”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for Miami Ad School.” 

Jenny Lam

Senior Vice President, User Experience Design, Oracle

“The school introduced me to my first ever job in tech (Microsoft). At the time, I didn’t even know that User Experience (UX) design was even a thing. I wouldn’t have survived my first year in the real world without the confidence that I built in the hundreds of hours in rigorous critiques in school.”


Dominique Curtis

Senior Copywriter, R/GA

“Miami Ad School is where I found myself creatively. I was so used to being at University, being the super smart kid, a secret nerd. So how do you go from super booksmart to super creative? Actually creative people are really smart people. Creative problem-solving is a skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So I came to MAS and went back to my childhood self. The one who wrote poems and songs. I got to leave the brainy me, solving equations, behind and tapped into creative me. I became my adult self at Miami Ad School.”

Tara Lawall

Creative Director, 72andSunny

“Every job I’ve ever gotten has been a result of a connection I made at Miami Ad School.”

Tara is a graduate of our copywriting program. Check out her portfolio to see the cool projects she has done.

Tara’s Portfolio

Kendra King

Global Strategy Lead, Publicis Groupe
“If you have the opportunity to attend Miami Ad School’s Strategy Boot Camp, that actually prepares you for what it’s like to do strategy in the real world — It’s great! Agencies are looking for people who have tangible skills. Who know how to research. Turn research into insights. Write the creative brief and work with the creative team. The strategy field has exploded. You can be an experience strategist, brand strategist, marketing strategist, or social strategist. There’s lots of opportunity. 
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