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Social Media Strategy
Boot Camp

The three-month boot camp is an immersion into social media strategy. The focus of the program is giving you the skills, experience and network you need to fasttrack your career.

You’ll get hands-on experience working on a real client project and partner with creative teams to bring your strategies to life.

Social Media Strategy Training

12-WEEKs to a new career

People who work in social media marketing are “in the know”. They seamlessly move from screen to screen monitoring and contributing to the conversation. Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, the list seems as infinite as the amount of content out there and keeping your consumer engaged is different for each platform. People are constantly connected and brands need to be where the consumer is. If you want to be a part of the conversation, you need to be comfortable with multiscreen communication.

Student Work

Who is This Program For?

You’re working in research, sales or account management and dream of doing more. You’re fascinated by human behavior, business systems, technology and experiences. Or maybe you graduated fairly recently and have done a few internships. You know that you want to get into strategy–– but HOW? What skills do I need? Where can I find a network of industry connections?  

This Program is Different

In 12-short weeks you can fast track your social strategy career. You’ll learn by doing. A dozen top social media professionals will be your mentors. You’ll learn to use social tools and data to develop audience insights. Collaborate with art directors, designers and copywriters to bring your strategies to life. You and your creative team will work on a live client brief. It’s not about whose idea it is, it’s about the team and the process that gets you to great ideas. Maybe the client likes the team’s idea and implements it. Our students and their creative teams have worked with start-ups and big brands like Starbucks, Ford and Burger King. You’ll also get an insiders look at some of the best social strategy departments and receive placement assistance.


–– Social Media Marketing Manager ––

“The people who really flourish in social marketing are those who genuinely love social media. Social moves so quickly to be an expert in the space you’ve got to have a passion for it.”

Kevin Escalera is a Social Media Marketing Manager, Zimmerman Advertising. Before school he worked in production at ESPN

Ready to Start Your New Career?

The Social Media Boot Camp starts in:  April | July



Ready for a new career?

Get the training you need to be a creative leader. Learn from the best. Develop your skills. Become who you’re meant to be.

Application Deadlines

Portfolio Programs – May 24 
Master’s Degree Programs – April 16