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Miami Ad School's Boot Camp for Strategic Planning prepares you for how strategy is done in the real world.

Kendra Hatcher King • VP, Strategy and Consulting Lead for South Region @ SapientRazorfish; Instructor, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

Whether they're known as  creative strategists, marketing strategists, brand strategists or any one of many wacky, out-there titles like "truth ninja," strategic planners are all about the consumer insight. As a result, they by and large have insatiable curiosities and are fascinated by obscure facts and the intricacies of human behavior. They have to be in the know at all times and love talking to people and learning about how they live and what they care about. They take their fascination with the world and their natural inquisitiveness and distill pertinent facts and observations into the "what" and the "how" of a communication problem. Then they brief the creative teams and inspire them to create relevant, compelling and effective work.

If this sounds like you—especially if you're grinning ear to ear at the prospect of all this—we can tell you you'd be a great asset to any strategy department. As the Magic 8-Ball says, "Signs point to yes!"

But where to get ready for your new career? Miami Ad School's Boot Camp for Strategy Planning has been taking eager, talented hopefuls like you and transforming them into strategic aces in just 12 weeks. We've been doing it since before the turn of the century—longer than any school in the world.
"If you have the opportunity, attend a school … like the Miami Ad School where you can take a boot camp that can actually prepare you for how you do strategy in the real world. It's great because we're looking for people with tangible skills." 

Kendra Hatcher King • Instructor Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

Vanessa Toro • Instructor, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

"Planning is the place where you can be most eclectic—outside of being a professional artist. You’re hired specifically for your point of view in the world."

—Vanessa Toro • Instructor, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

Kelly Slater • Graduate, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

 "I learned how to listen to tough feedback and, instead of making excuses, think about it for a while and wonder if the evaluator was right. You can only get better if you realize that you don’t have it all figured out yet, and I learned that very quickly at the boot camp. Nobody likes excuses." 

—Kelly Slater • Graduate, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

Esty Gorman • Graduate, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

"After college I wanted to get into planning and consumer insights but spent my first few years as a media buyer. A friend told me about Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Strategic Planning. Within 3 months I was back on the career path I had hoped for. Upon graduation, during the agency tours the school arranges, I met the head of planning at BBDO and I started there the following Monday!"

—Esty Gorman • Graduate, Boot Camp for Strategic Planning @ Miami Ad School

So many of today's best strategists started their careers at Miami Ad School. Classes start in Atlanta October 1st. Learn how to apply.

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