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Are you stuck in a job doing the same thing everyday? Check out these 5 companies that value innovation and creativity. Where do you see yourself?



Five graduates share what their careers are like a few years after Miami Ad School. Hear about their job scene, collaborations with people in other countries, exotic travel and free lunches.


Zack McDonald, art direction graduate

"We have a mid-sized office with a huge range of creative folks—from conceptual creatives to UX designers to creative technologists—all sitting in an open space. I travel a lot for shoots and presenting client work. The network is very connected, so lots of Zooms and Slacks with people in London, New York and sometimes Tokyo."




Howard Hill, copywriting graduate

"I'm at a digital/social agency, about 200 people, open floor plan. I work on a team of about 6 and manage 3 creatives. Pretty casual, dog friendly, very 'Austin.'"


Trip Advisor

Sarah Syah, design graduate

"I'm responsible for all of the brand creative at TripAdvisor - my team works on everything from social posts to marketing emails to bus wraps, and everything in between. My partners are equally in marketing and Tech, which requires a lot of soft skills and knowing how to be a great partner to non-creative people, and sell them in on why branding is important. On my end, I'm always learning just as much from my Tech partners - an open mind to learning non-creative business is essential. I have an office, but Trip is essentially open air, with some pretty amazing benefits, like free lunch and snacks every day, a working pub, a game room, and an outdoor deck. It's a beautiful space with lots of design elements that reflect travel."


Hallmark Cards

Christine Taylor, design graduate

Our creative teams at Hallmark are divided up throughout the company. My creative team is small, but we link with multiple teams internally and externally. I juggle massive amount of products and projects and clients at any given time. I work remotely off and on because I travel quite extensively. I have a lot of job autonomy, but I am also very depended upon as a content expert for the company, so I am very tethered to my phone and computer. We work hard, sometimes long hours, but we also have a lots of fun and are encouraged to be creative and stay inspired.


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