My Life as a Video Game

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My journey at Miami Ad School felt like a video game full of ups, downs, learning curves, obstacles, opportunities and rewards. 

Copywriting grad, Sofia Soldevila, on her school adventure.

When students graduate they go on stage to show their portfolios and talk about their experiences in school. I decided to create a two minute video to sum up my two year adventure in school. Take a look.



Before advertising, I was a graphic designer back in my hometown, Barcelona. I moved to New York to improve my storytelling skills at the New York Film Academy. Funnily enough, one day I stumbled upon Miami Ad School in an online ad and it wasn't too long before I found myself in Miami, ready to start the art direction program.


Me giving my stand-up routine.

During my first year at school in Wynwood, I worked on my skills, got the chance to paint a mural and performed a stand-up routine. Stand-up comedy is actually one of the classes I took.


For my second year, when students have the opportunity to study and intern around the world, I took advantage of all the opportunities in New York. I knew I wanted to work in New York after graduation and wanted to start building industry connections. The school has partnerships with great companies so the students have lots of options to choose between.

Saatchi was a great place to start getting hands-on experience.

I spent my first quarter in NY at Saatchi, one of the largest and most successful agencies in the world. It was just before the Super Bowl and the agency was busy working on commercials. The other students and I got to brainstorm and pitch our ideas.


I got to be a part of the LEGO team!

At R/GA, Marilde, my partner at the internship, and I had our first experience working from briefing to production for LEGO. It was great to be a part of it and help make this awesome ad below.


My third quarter in NY was at Edelman. They showed me a new side of advertising using the power of earned media.

TBWA is where I spent my fourth and final quarter in NY. There the other students and I got to work on a global pitch for Adidas and produced merchandise for a pop-up store that people lined up for.



I chose each of these four agencies for a specific reason.

I wanted to see a range of creative cultures. I went from traditional, to digital, to PR focused, to disruptive. Looking back, it was a great way to get a feel of the industry. 

Coming to Miami Ad School has really opened up so many doors for me.  I've met incredible people along the way. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place.

Check out my portfolio.

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