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Creative Technology

How to Apply


This is a two-year portfolio program. You can opt to spend your second year interning and studying in up to four other cities. Get real-world experience before you graduate!

What Is A Creative Technologist?

You are a techie with creative passion and talent – or – a creative with a knack for tech.

As a creative technologist you can’t just take a creative brief as a set of instructions and just “translate” it into code. You need to know just enough about programming to work with it, talk through it, and to realize prototypes.

It’s about how we integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into a creative environment, how to push for innovation and how to use characteristics of entrepreneurship and start-up’s in solving industry challenges. 

Student Work

What does a Creative Technologist do?

A Creative Technologist finds technology interesting and important enough to not just let the technologists use it – as they are more product minded – where Creative Technologists have the humans in their centre, like e.g. Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Ergonomics and human needs. They are innovators and inventors that know how to use the new tools of the digital and tech world and know how to navigate in this new rough water of information overload and data.

For example, how we can integrate machine learning or artificial intelligence into a creative environment, or how we use innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up thinking in the solution of challenges in industry. We live in the most exciting time for shaping the future of the world. A Creative Technologist has a clear technology, design understanding and understanding of human needs – he/she is always open to new challenges for exceptional products and applications that make life easier and more joyful.

What’s the content of the lessons?

This Miami Ad School program combines computer science, product design and technology, creative strategy and implementation and is ‘T-shaped’, which means that our students become professional creative technologists who unite the entire knowledge of these different disciplines: Computing & Coding, Design & Creativity, Electrical Engineering & Digital Know-How and Management & Innovation. PLUS, of course, the mastery of teamwork and leadership, presentation techniques and preparation.



Start in January, April, July or October



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Application Deadlines

Portfolio Programs – May 24 
Master’s Degree Programs – April 16